Diablo 4 expert reveals early pick for best Season 4 class

Ethan Dean
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Diablo 4 Season 4 is so close we can taste the demon blood and a major community figure has just announced their pick for the best class this season.

Diablo 4 players worldwide are gearing up for the imminent launch of Season 4: Loot Reborn. The long-awaited itemization rework looks set to blow the meta options wide open.

In previous seasons of Diablo 4, a clear choice has always arisen as far as what the best class to play is. We’ve seen the Ball Lightning Sorcerer, billion damage Druids, and most recently, HOTA/Charge Barbarian.

Now that we’re on the eve of battle, YouTuber Raxxanterax has gone all in and bet on what they think is the best Class for Diablo 4 Season 4. It’s time for the dawn of the Necromancer.

In their latest video, Raxxanterax took a look at the considerable updates to all five of Diablo 4’s classes. Taking metrics like ease of leveling, time invested in progression, survivability, and how quickly they can clear world events into account, Necromancer stood out from the pack.

The Class received a major buff to its minion build options during the Season 4 PTR that looks to have been largely untouched in the final patch. Necromancer has massive “single-target potential” according to the YouTuber, as well as a bunch of survivability options thanks to Shields and Blood Mist.

For this reason, the content creator has picked a minion-based Necromancer as the best build and class for Diablo 4 Season 4. Raxxanterax is a trusted figure in the Diablo 4 community with a tonne of reps and Hardcore experience so they are generally a trusted source for analysis.

Of course, this theory crafting is based on the Season 4 patch notes and live gameplay may see another contender arise. All five of Diablo 4’s classes usually have solid potential in the endgame and players are by no means locked into Necromancer for Season 4 efficiency.

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