E3 2022 virtual event canceled according to industry insider

e3 canceled

Entertainment Software Association has already announced that E3 won’t be taking place in person this year, but now the online event could also be hanging in limbo. An industry insider claims that ESA could cancel the online event soon as well.

ESA announced that its in-person event for 2022 would be canceled in a January 6 statement to IGN. While ESA “looks forward” to the future of E3, the company did not specify if E3 would hold another virtual conference this year.

Regardless, Summer has become a very busy season for the gaming industry. Gamers have events like Geoff Keighly’s Summer Games Fest to look forward to. As well, both Microsoft and Sony have taken to holding their own virtual showcases.

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While many assume E3 will hold an online event like in 2021, one industry insider isn’t so sure. In fact, they go as far as to say that E3 online will “probably be canceled.”

E3 2022 virtual conference might be canceled

How to Watch E3 2022

Industry insider and GamesBeat journalist Jeff Grubb recently uploaded a TikTok discussing the latest announcement from ESA.

During this clip, he claimed that ESA will “probably cancel” the online portion of the event as well.

“E3 has been canceled. Well, physically it’s been canceled,” he said. “Digitally… probably also going to be canceled.” Geoff Keighley will be putting on the Summer Games Fest. We don’t know much.”

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While Grubb isn’t convinced there will be an online E3 this year, he still wasn’t ready to lock it in for certain. Only time will tell if another official announcement comes through shortly.

Until the Entertainment Software Association makes a follow-up statement, we can’t say whether to not E3 is going to happen in any capacity this year.

It does appear, however, that ESA plans to continue hosting E3 in the future. So while 2022 may be skipped over, the event should still return to some degree down the line.

For the latest updates regarding E3, check out our E3 2022 landing page with all of the info for this year’s event.

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