Dying Light devs working on new fantasy RPG

Dying Light character overlooking mapTechland

Techland, the team behind the smash-hit Dying Light series, are ramping up development on a AAA fantasy RPG, as revealed by a set of new job listings.

After a steady output of games over the course of more than two decades, including the much-loved Call of Juarez series, it was 2015’s Dying Light that really put developer Techland on the map.

The blend of gory, zombie-killing combat and slick parkour made it a breakout success that year. Its sequel, Dying Light 2, dropped earlier this year and was another hit for the studio, expanding on the original by going bigger and better.

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Although Dying Light 2 is still receiving generous support in the form of regular updates and story DLC, attention has already turned to the devs’ next project, and it appears to be a drastic shift in tone.

dying light 2 renegade with large clubTechland
Techland’s next project will see them leave zombies behind.

On May 17, Techland shared a number of job listings inviting experienced developers to work on its next project. While many might have expected Dying Light 3 to be the studio’s next game, it appears the team is moving to a new IP.

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The listing said revealed that the next game is an “unannounced AAA Open World Action-RPG,” which will feature a “fantasy setting.” It’s accompanied by what appears to be concept art of a lone character overlooking some kind of ancient ruin surrounded by waterfalls.

Following the link attached takes us to adverts for dozens of different positions in many different areas, including design, art, and animation.

This isn’t the first time Techland has hinted at its next release. Another job advert from last year for a Senior Quest Designer specified a need for experience with Unreal Engine, whereas Dying Light 2 runs on C-Engine.

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Unfortunately, this latest job listing doesn’t offer up any details on the new fantasy RPG being worked on. Dying Light fans will be keen to see how much of the series’s DNA continues into the new project, or if this will be a completely clean slate.

Players can rest assured that Dying Light 2 isn’t being left in the dust as work ramps up. Post-launch content is still set to roll out for the post-apocalyptic sequel for the next five years, including story DLC.

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