How to get Korek Charm in Dying Light 2: Blueprint location & dev room

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Dying Light 2 sees weapons lost durability over time, but the elusive Korek Charm negates the need to continually repair items. Here’s where to find its blueprint.

While part of surviving the perils of armageddon in Dying Light 2 is ensuring that your combat and parkour skills are up to scratch, you’ll also need some serious firepower in your arsenal to keep the Infected at bay.

Those who have played Techland’s zombie survival thriller will know that, as with many RPGs, weapon durability deteriorates over time, often leaving Aiden scrambling for anything blunt and vaguely dangerous to fend off the hordes with.

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Enter the Korek Charm, a weapon modification which will save you from running around trying to repair items or find new ones. Here’s how to get the Korek Charm in Dying Light 2, as well as the effects it’ll grant you.


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This seemingly insignificant little item can totally change up how your journey progresses.

What is the Korek Charm?

The Korek Charm is a weapon modification that adds +500 durability. It can be added or removed as many times as you like, meaning that as soon as things get dicey, you can patch your weapon and start slaying all over again.

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As we mentioned before, weapon durability decreases over time, meaning Aiden will need to switch weapons semi-frequently depending on what tier of weapon he’s using. By applying the Korek Charm, you won’t have to visit a repair store again; both saving time and money.

Where to get the Korek Charm blueprint in Dying Light 2

Your search begins in the Central Loop, the once proud hub of The City. The charm is near the VNC Tower, the tallest building in the area.

We recommend that you only go looking for the blueprint once you have completed the ‘Broadcast’ story mission, as by then you’ll have access to the elevator and be able to travel to the top safely instead of using grapples.

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Once at the top of the VNC Tower:

  1. Turn South West, where there is a building with a white pole on it.
  2. Glide to this building.
  3. Approach the green generator, and plug in the red cable.
  4. Release the cable over the edge of the building via the wooden plank behind you.
  5. Drop down two floors and plug the cable into the red generator.
  6. Cross the room to the green generator and take the next cable.
  7. Drop down two floors once more, and connect this cable to the red generator.
  8. Use the final green generator across the room to get the last cable.
  9. Head outside to the plank of wood behind you, and drop down to the grassy area below using your glider or grapple.
  10. Turn once more and there should be another plank of wood, drop down from there.
  11. Enter the building on your left and attach the cable.
  12. Approach the locking mechanism by the door and interact with it. This will open up the Dev Room.
  13. Enter the room, defeat the Infected, then sit on every cushion.
    • You must go in the following order: sit in the orange one in the middle of the two blue ones. Then, rotate counterclockwise to the TV, where there is a tiny cushion. Continue around until you get back to the door you came through.
  14. After doing this, the Korek Charm will appear on the coffee table after 30 seconds.

So that’s how to get the Korek Charm and, in turn, infinite weapon durability in Dying Light 2! Looking to master the streets? Be sure to check out our dedicated Dying Light guides:

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