Dying Light 2: Best combat skills to unlock early

Combat skills Dying Light 2Techland

Parkour can help you escape zombies, but you’ll need to master Dying Light 2’s combat skills if you want to survive against the hordes of undead.

As you progress in Dying Light 2 and complete quests, you’re rewarded with XP and points that can be used to unlock special abilities.

These skills are split up into two separate categories, with parkour allowing you to traverse the urban terrain and combat for taking out any undead enemies that stand in your way.

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While there’s no denying parkour is helpful, combat will often be the difference between life and death when the odds are stacked up against you.

So, knowing which combat skills are worth unlocking first on your playthrough is essential if you want to survive the harsh open-world of Dying Light 2 – and we’ve listed the ones you need below.

Perfect Dodge

Perfect Dodge Dying Light 2Techland
Perfect Dodge ability.

The Perfect Dodge skill is definitely worth unlocking if you want to go head to head with powerful zombies in combat.

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Due to the number of enemies often grouped together in Dying Light 2, finding an opportunity to attack can be difficult.

Having the ability to dodge and also stagger an enemy simultaneously is invaluable when fighting undead up close.

Perfect Parry

Perfect Parry Dying Light 2Techland
Perfect Parry ability.

If timed correctly after an attack, the Perfect Parry ability staggers an enemy and triggers a slo-mo effect that makes it easy to damage an opponent.

Avoiding attacks can be difficult but when an enemy is staggered, it opens up a window to throw out as much damage as possible.

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Power Attack

Power Attack Dying Light 2Techland
Power Attack ability.

Quick attacks are useful in the early game, but what if you want to do more damage with a single swing of your weapon?

Well, it’s time to unlock the Power Attack ability which simply allows you to hit harder and therefore, deal significantly more damage.

Not only that, but power attacks also interrupt and stagger enemies, making them useful against boss enemies and powerful undead opponents.


Stab Dying Light 2Techland
Stab ability.

Not everyone loves running around the open world attracting as much attention as possible. For some players, hiding in the shadows and taking out enemies in stealth is their preferred tactic.

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If that’s you, then focus on unlocking the Stab combat skill as soon as possible, as it allows you to instantly assassinate enemies from behind using a knife. Instead of battling opponents in a one versus one, use stealth to your advantage and take them out in a matter of seconds.


Windmill Dying Light 2Techland
Windmill ability.

The ultimate AoE ability, Windmill allows you to spin your weapon around in a circle and wipe out any opponents that are attempting to surround you.

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Definitely, one of the most satisfying abilities to use on the list, Windmill is must unlock for players who are constantly being chased by a group of zombies and want an effective way to deal huge damage to bug groups of enemies.

Keep in mind, the suggestions above are the skills we recommend you prioritize for a smoother playthrough in the early game.

However, skill trees all come down to preference, so make sure you explore all the options and pick what’s best for you.

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