Dr Disrespect launches Founders Pass NFTs with early access to Midnight Society game

Brad Norton
Dr Disrespect in front of Midnight Society artwork
Midnight Society / Instagram: DrDisrespect

Dr Disrespect’s very own video game project with his Midnight Society studio just launched its first batch of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), providing 10,000 players early access through a unique Founders Pass.

Just weeks after launching his own studio with former Call of Duty and Halo devs, plans now appear to be in motion for Dr Disrespect’s first video game.

After teasing an “Arena Takeover” with Midnight Society set for March 15, details have now appeared on the company’s website. The latest update has revealed not only our first look at concept art, but also our first glimpse at the project’s incorporation of NFTs.

From early access to 10,000 unique profile pictures, there’s plenty to wrap your head around. Here’s what you need to know about the Founders Pass NFTs for Doc’s first gaming project.

Midnight Society game
Midnight Society
Those who purchase one of the 10,000 Founders Passes receive their own unique ‘Variant’ design.

Midnight Society Founders Pass explained

Founders Passes are the first in a “series” of distinct Access Passes for players looking to engage with Dr Disrespect’s game as early as possible. In order to get a Founders Pass, you will first need to apply, and purchase will be subject to application approval.

This initial batch of 10,000 NFTs is priced at $50USD and comes with a range of exclusive perks. Upon purchasing (minting) a Founders Pass, users are first provided a procedurally generated profile picture. However, it will not offer any in-game advantages.

These randomized profiles can be “rare or super rare” depending on which “armor, weapons, and backgrounds” you get. Once it’s locked in, the “one-of-a-kind” item is then tradable across various cryptocurrency marketplaces.

“Once you own an Access Pass, it is yours to do with as you wish,” Midnight Society Co-Founder Robert Bowling explained. So while the base price begins at $50USD for this first batch, figures could soon skyrocket as users trade their designs back and forth.

Midnight Society NFT
Midnight Society
A limited-time ‘Day Zero Claw Unit Patch’ is also available as a separate NFT – and will be free.

Furthermore, each Founders Pass in the first drop comes with a handful of bonus perks providing owners with unique rewards. From early access with “game builds and weapons tests” to “first dibs on minting new avatar features” down the line, there are multiple benefits listed.

Perhaps most notably, however, Founders Pass owners also gain voting rights throughout the game’s ongoing development. Not only does this pertain to various gameplay features, but these votes can allegedly shape the future of a new “meta economy” designed just for the project.

“Industry Pass holders, also known as The Eyes, will form guilds that run all the in-universe manufacturing of weapons, mercenaries, and cosmetics,” the blog post explains.

Midnight Society perks
Midnight Society
The Founders Pass comes with a range of benefits for the first group that buys into the game’s ongoing development.

In response to environmental concerns regarding its use of NFT systems, Midnight Society claims it uses certain infrastructure that has “a sliver of the environmental impact as traditional NFTs.”

You can register for a Founders Pass through the official Midnight Society website right here.