Dr Disrespect reveals what his battle royale will take from Battlefield 2042 & Tarkov

Bill Cooney
Dr Disrespect lessons from Battlefield 2042 Tarkov

Dr Disrespect has opened up on stream about what lessons his studio had taken from Battlefield 2042 and Escape from Tarkov to make their upcoming battle royale game, and how the two titles will influence the final product.

In August 2021, Dr Disrespect announced he was starting a new studio to work on his very own battle royale game. While he didn’t reveal a name, or a release window, he did let on it would be on a vertical map, with each new area stacked on top of the old one.

After playing some Battlefield 2042 during a November 26 stream, Doc revealed his studio had learned some lessons from the game.

While there have been plenty of issues with DICE’s new title, graphics certainly aren’t one of them.

Dr Disrespect battle royale concept art
Dr Disrespect’s battle royale will have players battling upwards through a skyscraper.

Doc believes Battlefield 2042 is a game you should only enjoy in a squad and “after a few IPAs.” However, he added the game’s graphics is one area he was impressed by.

“I had this conversation internally with the studio that we’re building. The graphics and the buildings [in Battlefield], and the scale of the buildings, and the scale of those maps, they look good,” he said.

“Take a step back and look at all the detail and look at the design, it looks like a pretty cool world to actually fight in.

Once you get to the player mechanics, when your guy runs 40 miles an hour, it takes away some of that immersive feeling you get from the scale of the game.”

One game Doc said does do scale well though, and could possibly be one his game tries to emulate and build on, is Escape from Tarkov.

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“That’s why I think Escape from Tarkov feels so good,” the streamer said. “If you think about the map Interchange, what is Interchange? It’s a big mall, right in the middle of the map.”

“Because of the way you move in the game and the pacing, it feels like you’re moving through a big-ass mall,” he continued. “The scale lines up with the speed and mobility of the character, there’s something kind of special there that I like.”

Doc wanting to put his BR in a skyscraper is no secret from what we know already. But, from what he said here it might be a super-realistic take akin to Tarkov on fighting through a massive building, one floor at a time.