Diablo Immortal Sandstone Golem & Fleshcraft Hydra: Lost Pages, locations & rewards

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The Sandstone Golem and Fleshcraft Hydra are two of Diablo Immortal’s most powerful World Bosses, but how do get them to spawn, and where can you find them? Here’s a rundown of everything you need.

As warriors flock to the desolate plains of Diablo Immortal’s Sanctuary, demons from the depths of the Burning Hells await, eager to take a chunk out of any isolated travelers.

Creatures of all shapes and sizes (microtransactions not included) lurk in the shadows, but the Sandstone Golem and Fleshcraft Hydra can only be summoned if certain circumstances are met. Trust us when we say, however, they’re worth challenging.

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Wondering how to spawn the Sandstone Golem and Fleshcraft Hydra in Diablo Immortal? Here’s a rundown of everything you’ll need to do; from the bosses’ locations to the Lost Pages.


diablo immortal diablo in flamesBlizzard Entertainment
At the heart of the Burning Hells lies Diablo himself, but his minions aren’t exactly pushovers either.

Diablo Immortal Sandstone Golem: Lost Pages & location

In order to summon the Sandstone Golem, you’ll need to head to the Library of Zoltun Kulle, a fallen Horadrim whose library is home to a whole host of terrors. It spawns on the North-Eastern side of the map above the Chaos Engine, across the magical bridge.

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You’ll need to track down five lost pages from different tomes in order to access the Golem. You can use these to either enter the Challenge Realm, Kulle’s Secret Chamber, where you can recover a loot chest, or they can randomly spawn the Sandstone Golem or Fleshcraft Hydra.

When either boss spawns, a zone-wide announcement is put out, allowing you and other Nephalem in the area to converge on these bosses.

Diablo Immortal Fleshcraft Hydra: Location

The Fleshcraft Hydra can be found in the Hydra’s Lair just to the left of the Writhing Ingress waypoint.

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diablo immortal the library of zoltun kulleBlizzard Entertainment
At the heart of the Library lie unimaginable terrors.

Sandstone Golem & Fleshcraft Hydra: Rewards

While there is a slew of different rewards that drop from these bosses, the most important is the Enchanted Dust. 

This can be used to upgrade your items at the Blacksmith, so be sure to gather as much of it as possible to ensure that your gear is up to scratch.

Other items include different weapons and experience orbs, but these are all entirely random.

So that’s how to spawn the Sandstone Golem and Fleshcraft Hydra using the Lost Pages in Diablo Immortal.

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