Diablo Immortal Server List for EU/NA & how to switch servers

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Looking for a full list of Diablo Immortal’s servers? Here’s everything we know about the domains that exist for NA and EU, as well as how to switch if you’re not happy.

As the gates of hell are thrown open once more and Sanctuary is overrun with the scourge of the Burning Hells, Diablo Immortal challenges players to bring about an end to the chaos and send Skarn’s legions back to whence they came.

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Offering players the ability to team up on both mobile and PC whilst also featuring crossplay (a first for Blizzard’s iconic dungeon crawler), you’ll be able to form a crack team of deadly warriors that can tear Hell’s finest asunder.

You’ll need to keep an eye on the servers, though, to ensure you all end up in the right place. So, here’s Diablo Immortal’s full server list for North America and Europe, and a breakdown of how to switch realms.

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diablo immortal barbarian holds up treasure on mound of bodies as monk demon hunter necromancer crusader and wizard look onBlizzard Entertainment
Defeating the hordes is no easy task, so make sure you’ve got some friends to help you out.

How to switch server in Diablo Immortal

Thankfully, switching server in Diablo Immortal is relatively easy. You can also create a character on more than one server, meaning you can try out every class and play with different groups of players.

Your current server is located at the bottom of your screen (see image below, mine being ‘The Butcher’). To switch server:

  1. Tap your current server
  2. Select which region you want to play in, then the server you want
  3. Create your character and dive in!
diablo immortal home screenBlizzard Entertainment
Your server can be found at the bottom of your screen beneath the Diablo Immortal logo.

Diablo Immortal Server List

Diablo Immortal features a whole plethora of servers across its various different regions. While switching is relatively easy, it’s still better to make sure you and your friends are on the same one to save you any hassles.

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Below we’ve listed all of the servers for the English-speaking fanbase, and EU countries, but a full breakdown of every server can be found here.

North America (NA East & West)

For those situated in NA East and West, there’s a whole host of servers for you to join (many of whom’s names will likely bring a smile to any OG Diablo fan’s face):

West East
Caldesann Sin War
Kanai Prime Evils
Eternal Crown Tree of Inifuss
Deckard Cain Soul Siphon
Zoltun Kulle Sandro the Mouth
Sand Scorpions The Malus
Stormshield Iceburn Tear
Old Growth The Worldstone
The Soulstones Helliquary
Khalim’s Will Silver Spire
The Gidbinn Plains of Despair
Cult of Damnation Arcane Sanctuary
Purus the Decimator The Curator
Black Abyss The Fallen
The Triune Risen Dead
Dry Steppes Darkening of Tristram
Amber Blades Greed
Halls of the Blind The Last Vestige
Star of Azkaranth Meshif
Wailing Beast Ureh
Heart of the Oak Albrecht
Crescent Moon Lysander
Call to Arms Wirt
Chains of Honor Hadriel
Hand of Justice Mask of Jeram
Breath of the Dying Arkaine’s Valor
Pandemonium Doombringer
Burning Hells Town Portal
End of Days Eternal Conflict
Hadriel End of Days
Wirt Burning Hells
Lysander Pandemonium
Albrecht Breath of the Dying
Ureh Hand of Justice
Meshif Chains of Honor
The Last Vestige Call to Arms
Greed Crescent Moon
Darkening of Tristram Heart of Oak
The Fallen Wailing Beast
Risen Dead Star of Azkaranth
The Curator Halls of the Blind
Arcane Sanctuary Amber Blades
Plains of Despair Dry Steppes
Silver Spire The Triune
Helliquary Black Abyss
The Worldstone Purus the Decimator
Iceburn Tear Cult of Damnation
The Malus The Gidbinn
Sandro the Mouth Khalim’s Will
Soul Siphon The Soulstones
Tree of Inifuss Old Growth
Town Portal Stormshield
Doombringer Sand Scorpions
Arkaine’s Valor Zoltun Kulle
Mask of Jeram Deckard Cain
Prime Evils Eternal Crown
Sin War Kanai


EU is divided into English-speaking servers, then servers for local languages. Below we’ve listed all of the English servers, as well as their counterparts.

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EU English EU
Dark Exile Skarn (French)
Kanai Dravec (French)
Eternal Crown Charsi (French)
Deckard Cain Leoric (French)
Zoltun Kulle Ammuit (French)
Sand Scorpions Esu (French)
Stormshield Hratli (German)
Old Growth Qual-Kehk (German)
The Soulstones Zolthrax (German)
Khalim’s Will Vizjerei (German)
The Gidbinn El’Druin (German)
Cult of Damnation Tabri (German)
Purus the Decimator Vizjerei (German)
Black Abyss Hemlir (German)
The Triune Segithis (German)
Dry Steppes Akeba (German)
Amber Blades Zatham (Spanish)
Halls of the Blind Farnham (Spanish)
Star of Azkaranth Fara (Spanish)
Wailing Beast Talus’ar (Italian)
Heart of the Oak Sescheron (Italian)
Crescent Moon Horadric Malus (Italian)
Call to Arms Cathan (Polish)
Chains of Honor Itherael (Polish)
Hand of Justice Al’Maiesh (Polish
Breath of the Dying Karshun (Polish)
Burning Hells
End of Days
Oblivion Knight
Wood Wraith
Thorned Hulk
Diamond Gates
Crystal Arch
Sea of Light
The Martyr
The Borderlands
Gharbad the Weak
Yshari Sanctum
Trade Consortium
The Ancients
The Hellforge
Dark Wanderer
Archbishop Lazarus
Cathedral of Light
Stone of Jordan
The Void
Talva Silvertongue
The Countess
Angiris Council
The Unspoken
Sightless Eye
Stygian Fury
Throne of Destruction
Blood Rose
Arreat Summit
Dark Exile

So that’s the full Diablo Immortal Server list for NA East and West, as well as English EU and its continental languages.

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