Diablo Immortal Demon Gates: Realm of Damnation zone events

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As you launch your final assault on Diablo Immortal’s Realm of Damnation, you may come across the Demon Gates – but just what are these mysterious gateways? Here’s everything we know.

One of the most alluring parts of playing through Diablo Immortal is finally breaching the Burning Hells themselves, coming face-to-face with prime antagonist, Skarn in a battle for the ages.

Not unlike the game‘s other zones, Skarn’s Realm of Damnation has some unique features. Just like Ashwold Cemetery’s Haunted Carriage or the Library of Zoltun Kulle’s Library’s Sandstone Golem and Fleshcraft Hydra, the final battleground has Demon Gates; portals that spew out creatures from the pits of hell.

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Just what are Diablo Immortal’s Demon Gates, though? Here’s a rundown of everything you need to know about these mysterious portals.

diablo immortal characters fighting skarnBlizzard Entertainment
Skarn lies at the heart of the Realm of Domination; can you defeat him?

Diablo Immortal Demon Gates: Spawn rotation

The Demon Gates appear randomly in the Realm of Damnation at various different locations. 

At the moment, there’s no real rhyme or reason about their spawn time and positions, but as more information slips through the cracks we’ll be sure to update this page.

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What are Demon Gates in Diablo Immortal?

As you make your way through Skarn’s inner sanctum, you’ll want to find two other players before taking on the Demon Gates.

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Challenging players to dive into the abyss in teams of three, you’ll be able to net what Blizzard refers to as “significant rewards,” you’ll receive up to three sets of bonus rewards alongside your general loot.

So that’s everything you need to know about the Demon Gates in Diablo Immortal.

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