Cookie Run Kingdom: Best toppings for Pastry Cookie

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Cookie Run Kingdom best toppings for Pastry CookieDevsisters

Cookie Run: Kingdom’s Pastry Cookie is an epic ranged character that can certainly pack a punch when build correctly. Here are the best toppings for the adorable Pastry Cookie.

Cookie Run: Kingdom is currently filled with 87 unique cookies, each coming with their own skills and toppings combination. One such cookie is the righteous Pastry Cookie, an epic ranged nun of the St. Pastry Order who will stop at nothing to protect the greater good.

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She’s capable of fantastic damage and is often ranked as one of the best Ranged cookies in the game. However, to achieve that level of greatness, she needs to be built correctly. Here are the best toppings for Pastry Cookie so you can get to defeating evil with ease.


Pastry Cookie best toppingsDevsisters
Pastry Cookie may be tough to get but she’s fantastic when she’s on your team.

As it typically goes with most cookies in Cookie Run: Kingdom, you can only get hold of Pastry Cookie through the gacha.

There is a 0.095% chance to create Pastry Cookie due to her being an epic cookie. Nevertheless, keep trying and she’s bound to appear.

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When you get hold of Pastry Cookie, you’ll need to put the best toppings on her. That way she will be at her most powerful and will quickly become one of the best ranged cookies in the game.

However, the best toppings all depend on the style of attack you prefer to use. If you’re looking for a full increase on her attack then aim for five Searing Raspberry toppings.

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Alternatively, the next best toppings for Pastry Cookie are three Searing Raspberry and two Bouncy Caramel to boost her attack and her attack speed.

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It’s recommended you go for the five Searing Raspberry if you want to make her powerful, but the choice is yours.

Pastry Cookies skill is called Battle Prayer and, despite the name, it doesn’t actually serve to heal or protect many other Cookies.

In fact, the skill serves to deal damage and increase Pastry Cookies’ regular attack damage by 67% and attack speed by 50% for ten seconds.

It has a relatively long cooldown so be sure to use it wisely and only when you need to take out an annoyingly powerful enemy.

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