Cookie Run Kingdom: Best toppings for the Dark Cacao cookie

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With Dark Cacao finally available to get in Cookie Run: Kingdom, one question remains – how can you make him as powerful as possible? Here’s the best build for this cold and reclusive cookie.

While pulling an ancient cookie is a relatively challenging feat in this mobile gacha game, Dark Cacao is still a well-sought-after companion. After all, he’s one of five ancient cookies and is by far one of the most powerful charge types in the game.

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However, he can only be brought into power if you build him right and if you know what to expect when fighting with him. You’ll need the correct toppings and a general understanding of Dark Cacao to truly push him to the full extent of his power. Here’s everything you need to know about Dark Cacao.

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With the right toppings, Dark Cacao can be fantastically powerful.

When it comes to finding some useful toppings for a charge cookie like Dark Cacao, you want to focus on your own preferences as well as what will work with his strengths. It all depends on the capabilities of the rest of your party and also what you want Dark Cacao to do in a battle.

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That being said, since Dark Cacao will be placed at the front of the group, thanks to his type, you’ll be safe to select a topping like Solid Almond which increases the cookie’s damage resistance. This will, in turn, keep him alive longer allowing him to use his skill more often.

If you don’t want to go for protection and would rather focus on dealing damage quickly and efficiently, the next best topping for Dark Cacao is the Searing Raspberry topping. This will increase your cookie’s attack damage and allow him to do the deadly hits the party needs.

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Either the Solid Almond topping or the Searing Raspberry toppings will suit Dark Cacao. They can be put in whatever order you want.

What does Dark Cacao’s skill do?

Unfortunately, unlike a lot of other cookies, Dark Cacao’s skill doesn’t really aid anyone but himself. That’s not to say it isn’t powerful though, especially when you look at some of the passive effects he gets.

His skill is called Solemn Judgement and essentially deals damage as well as reducing the enemy’s attack and defense, along with dealing the status effects Zap and Injury. The damage dealt from this skill begins at 46.9% for the first hit and increases to an impressive 265.8% on his second hit, making it a particularly useful attack for an enemy on low health.

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The skill grants Dark Cacao a plus 20% to resist any debuffs but also reduces his defense by 15% for nine seconds, and his attack by 10.8% for nine seconds. It’s not ideal but with a few hits like that, you may not need to worry about the negatives.

That’s all you need to know about Dark Cacao and how to create the most powerful build for this Cookie Run: Kingdom character. Be sure to check out our Cookie Run: Kingdom hub for more news and guides. Or, take a look at some of these:

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