Content Warning May 2 patch notes: New items, hat shop, bug fixes & more

Shane Black
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Content Warning has received its first major update since its release, bringing plenty of bug fixes and new items. Here’s what you can look forward to with it.

Content Warning has been a hit since its release, and to carry that hype forward, the devs have released its first major update for the game.

This update is aiming to bring tons of new items to use in the game, as well as fix some of the issues that have been plaguing players.

You can see a breakdown of everything this patch is going to do for Content Warning right here.

Content Warning character in pool

Content Warning May 2 patch notes


  • Added a new map
  • Added 13 new monsters
  • Added new item, Rescue hook
  • Added a hat shop
  • Added unlockable sky island upgrades
  • Added sponsored video deals that can be picked after the first week
  • Added MetaCoins for purchasing island upgrades and hats
  • Added a new rare cursed item in the old world
  • Added a mirror in the house


  • Changed level selection to random
  • General Monster Balancing
  • Various audio improvements
  • Slightly boosted player voice range
  • Reworked modding matchmaking
  • Optimized video network performance to get faster extractions in some cases


  • Fixed VSync not working after using the dive bell
  • Fixed some sound issues including the sound echoing too much
  • Fixed issue where players would fall through the map when sleeping on the ceiling
  • Fixed issue where the camera would sometimes not go into the video extraction machine
  • Fixed issue where the game would end when you surface with only the broken camera
  • Fixed issue where the boom mic would extend your body’s hit-box
  • Fixed issue where the shock stick would only work once on monsters or team-mates
  • Fixed issue where holing an item when going up or down with the diving bell would cause issues picking up other items
  • Fixed issue where holding an exploding bomb would delete the player holding it
  • Fixed issue when the last player alive left you would not return to the surface
  • Possible fix for the dive bell door bug
  • Possible fix for the audio popping issue
  • Possible fix for defibrillator speed bug

The devs are still looking into the other bugs reported with the Extraction bug being one of the top priorities, so this updated has added logs to track these issues.

If the Extraction Failure bug happens to you, you can send your logs (Found in: Appdata/Local Low/LandfallGames/Content Warning/player.log and player-prev.log while the game is still running) to

The devs will continue looking for a solution to the issue with players’ logs.

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