Content Warning: How to improve your SpookTube videos & view count

Eleni Thomas
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Here is how to create the best videos to generate views on Content Warning’s in-game social media platform, SpookTube. 

Content Warning is a brand new horror game, one that tasks players with creating scary video content to help boost views on your SpookTube channel.

As is the way with content creation, lighting, props and more play a key role in creating the perfect shot. As does deciding what content is worth filming and uploading online.

Content Warning is no different. With players able to upgrade their equipment and make decisions that can greatly impact the success of your SpookTube channel.

With that being said, here are some easy tips to help bolster your SpookTube channel on Content Warning and become SpookTube famous!

Buy and unlock upgrades as you go in Content Warning

One of the easier ways to continue growing and improving your SpookTube channel is to buy the various in-game upgrades Content Warning provides. 

Each category offers up multiple upgrades for players to purchase. The more useful and helpful the upgrade, the more it will cost to unlock. Therefore, it’s important to be able to create engaging videos for SpookTube without always needing to rely on expensive equipment and props.

After all, the way to earn money is by gaining views, therefore the type of content you’re looking for and filming is just as important as what you’re using to capture it.

Don’t be scared to take a risk but tread carefully

While Content Warning does focus on the concept of building a social media platform, it does also lean into horror. After all, the key to success on SpookTube is by capturing the most horrifying and scary footage possible.

Therefore, the game will at times force you to decide if filming certain moments is worth the risk, or if it is safer to flee and protect yourself. Ultimately, it will be up to the player’s discretion to assess the potential impact of scenarios.

So while it is important to ensure the safety of yourself and fellow players and characters, don’t be scared to take a risk every now and then. It could lead to some epic SpookTube content that brings in huge views.

Choose wisely when picking which friends to play with

Just like any other multiplayer game, the friends you choose to play Content Warning with can completely change how successful your playthrough will be.

As such, amassing a four-member team that is all willing to put in the work and collectively create the best SpookTube videos possible is important. While you can play the game solo, jumping in with friends is when the game really shines.

This should go without saying but given Content Warning is a horror experience, picking teammates who have a deep knowledge and appreciation of the genre will likely lead to more detailed content.

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