Content Warning: How to change faces

Jeremy Gan
Content warning face changing tv screen

Content Warning is all about reactions, and thus, the emotions on your face. So here is how you change the design of your face, along with some suggestions for the best visuals.

Content Warning dropped on April 1, and without warning (no pun intended), is rapidly on track to joining the ranks of 2024’s biggest games. 

With your reaction being so integral to the game’s loop, and by extension the face you give your avatar also being so important, you might want to change out your face however you fit. 

So here is all you need to know about how to change your face in Content Warning. 

How to change faces in Content Warning

To change your face in Content Warning, you just need to approach the TV screen with your face and interact with it to change it. The TV screen is located in the second floor of the house. Directly to your right when you spawn in.

Once interacted with, you have the choice of either re-typing whatever character you would like, changing your face color, or rotating or resizing the font on your face. 

Content Warning face changing location

As for face design options, you have three characters to type out with your keyboard, so feel free to use any favorite emoticons or random string of punctuations, numbers or letters that you feel. 

Although, we haven’t tested to what extent of the unicode can be typed on the face, apart from what you can input from a basic QWERTY keyboard. 

So if you have a keyboard that has key reassigning, or a keyboard aside from English, and some time to experiment, you may be able to use some interesting symbols from different 

As for faces to use, using the tried and tested emoticons as faces is a classic choice, with the default face being a smiley face. Of course, there is no stopping you from using any other emoticons. 

So be it a :), or -_-, or cheeky emote, you can make any emoticon, or string of letters into your face in Content Warning. 

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