Incredible ‘body cam’ shooting game in development goes viral

body cam gameAlexandre S.

An independent developer recently unveiled a realistic-looking body cam shooting game, whose reveal trailer went viral on social media.

Realism and first-person shooters have gone hand-in-hand for quite some time. Graphical fidelity and highly detailed environments constitute just parts of the larger equation, though.

Gameplay mechanics intensify these experiences as well, yet some would argue that little has improved on this front in recent years. At least in the AAA space.

In many respects, indie developers often lead the charge in innovation, pushing the envelope in ways that risk-averse publishers would rather avoid.

As advanced technology becomes more readily available, creators in the indie space have pushed the limits even further. But some onlookers can’t help but ponder how far is too far.

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Indie dev unveils body cam-centric first-person shooting game

Technical Artist Alexandre S. has showcased footage of a “body cam style” indie game. Powered by Unreal Engine, the project seems to take place in an abandoned building where players will engage in shootouts.

Other details about the game remain under wraps at the time of writing, but the developer promised additional videos will go live sometime “soon.”

The unnamed body cam game teaser went viral online, evidenced by its 22,000-plus retweets and nearly 182,000 likes on Twitter.

Notably, there’s already an air of divisiveness surrounding the project. For instance, some think it’s veering toward “a bit too real.” Its uncanny resemblance to content associated with the likes of LiveLeak has others intrigued, however.

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Should the final product ever see the light of day, discussions about its similarities to real body cam footage will more than likely pervade internet discourse.