Best characters to use in Omega Strikers: 3v3 tier list (May 2023)

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Omega Strikers characters

After a long beta period, Omega Strikers has finally launched. The MOBA-inspired sports game features a handful of unique characters to use on the pitch but which ones are the best? Our Omega Strikers tier list has a full rundown of them all.

Omega Strikers is a fast-paced 3×3 multiplayer title where players partake in a game of super-powered Hockey. You’ll have to utilize your unique abilities throughout the match to score goals and defend your side of the field.

Some characters are more suited to defending as goalies while others make great forwards so it’s important to choose the right hero for your preferred role, while also taking their skills and abilities into account.

With 15 characters currently available in the game, it can be overwhelming deciding who to pick so we’ve put together a handy tier list to help make your decision easier.

Omega Strikers character lineup
Not all Omega Strikers characters were created equally.

Omega Strikers character tier list

If you’re wondering which Omega Strikers character to pick, we’ve got you covered with the table below:

Tier Character
SJuliette, Dubu, Kai, Era, Ai:Mi
AEstelle, Asher, Atlas, Zentaro, Drek’Ar
BX, Rune, Rasmus, Luna

S-Tier characters

Omega Strikers Juliette
Some of the first characters you come across are the most powerful in Omega Strikers.

The S-tier characters are the best of the best. They are the best choices to make in Omega Strikers and should make your matches a lot easier.


Despite being the first character you get to use, Juliette is quick, dangerous, and fantastic on the battlefield. Her skills and abilities allow players of any skill level to thrive when using her, particularly her dash. She’s a strong brawler who can effectively knock back the enemy while also scoring plenty of goals.


Dubu was an incredibly popular choice for goalie players during the game’s beta period and he still remains the most prominent character in the net. Thanks to his size and easy to use and place abilities he’s a defensive powerhouse that can also act as the perfect introductory character for new players looking to main goalie.


Kai has a particularly useful shooting ability to get the ball to the other end of the field quickly and effortlessly. However, he thrives as a goalkeeper, especially with his Crossover skill. The versatility and ease of play make him an ideal character no matter what position you need.


An almost perfect attacker. Era can impact the enemy by shrinking them and slowing them down making her an incredibly useful debuffer and an asset to any team. Era’s has had a big speed boost in the latest update, and her alt is incredibly powerful if timed right.


Ai:Mi is a versatile striker who can fill either the forward or goalie role. She also has exceptional map control with her ranged abilities allowing her to provide cover anywhere on the field, and with the recent speed adjustments she’s even more effective than she was during the beta.

A-Tier characters

Omega Strikers Atlas
These characters can really pack a punch.

While not the best characters in Omega Strikers, they will undoubtedly hold their own and let you dominate the battlefield.


While perhaps not the best beginner character to use, when played right Estelle is fantastic. She works well as either a striker or midfield depending on what you need to fill. Her kit can be extremely effective as she’s able to predict where a rebound shot will end up by using her ‘Blink’ ability and double-hit the core with her other skills.


Asher is a character that shouldn’t be taken lightly, whether you’re playing as them or going up against them. Asher is powerful, offensive, and will likely dominate the battlefield with Pathsplitter and Breakthrough.


Atlas is an ideal goalkeeper if you need one in a pinch. He’s got some great defensive skills and the ability to resurrect himself making him pretty indestructible. His Ult is also great for protecting his teammates as well as defending your goal.


Zentaro plays the forward role in most matches and can be a goal-scoring machine if you master his kit but with a three-star level difficulty, he can be challenging for beginners to get to grips with. He’s a striker who can make or break a game and acts as a great carrier for the rest of the team.


Drek’Ar is fantastic for players who want to be more offensive. He can simply throw other players off the field which makes him ideal for a bit of destruction, and he also comes equipped with a stealth ability that allows you to gain an easy advantage on the field.

B-Tier characters

An image of Luna in Omega Strikers.
B tier characters won’t be the easiest to use but are still solid picks.

These characters are by no means bad but they can be difficult to play.


X is a useful all-around character but he’s most effective as a forward or support on the field. His versatility works for a multitude of play styles, and he’s a tough brawler who’s able to take out members of the opposing team.


Rune is a character with three-star difficulty who can fill the forward or goalie role during a match. His higher difficulty makes him trickier to master but if played correctly he can turn a match on its head.


With a useful Dash and an experienced player, Luna can be amazing. She’s ideal as either a goalkeeper or an attacker and can be used however you want while still being effective. Due to the striker speed reduction that was implemented at launch, Luna can, unfortunately, be very vulnerable on the field now. She’s still a decent pick but is a lot riskier to play than she was in the beta period so won’t be suited to every play style.


Remus is a great forward option who has fantastic carry potential and a lot of evasive abilities but with a three-star difficulty, there are plenty of other speedy forwards that are more universal to use.

C-Tier characters

Omega strikers Juno
This character just isn’t worth playing.

You can still succeed with these characters but it will be a big challenge. It’s recommended you avoid the C-tier characters.


Juno can still succeed when an extremely experienced player is controlling them but the amount of effort you need to put in to get anything out of them is not worth it. They’ve got some knockout abilities but there’s not much special about this Omega Strikers character.

Those are all the current Omega Strikers characters ranked by how good they can be. When more characters get added the list will change so be sure to check back regularly.

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