Omega Strikers: Gameplay, trailer, platforms & more

Omega Strikers gameOdyssey Interactive

A new free-to-play 3v3 knockout striker has been announced and it looks to be filled with unbridled chaos. Here’s everything we know about Omega Strikers.

Released by ex-Riot Games developers, Odyssey Interactive, Omega Strikers is a 3v3 knockout striker where your team’s main aim is to score goals using your character’s unique abilities and some dirty tactics to get the other team out of the way.

With the release of a gameplay trailer, we have a great insight into what each match will look like along with the characters available to play as. With that information and more, here’s everything we know about the upcoming game, Omega Strikers.

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Omega Strikers character lineupOdyssey Interactive
Omega Strikers features ten characters for you to choose from.

Does Omega Strikers have a release date?

Currently, Omega Strikers does not have a confirmed release date. The game is currently in closed beta for PC but states it aims to “transition to open beta shortly after”.

Odyssey Interactive are also aiming for a full release across all major consoles in 2023 and mobile at the end of 2022.

If you want to enjoy Omega Strikers now, there is a closed beta on Steam. To find out how to join, keep an eye out on Play Omega’s Twitter page.

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Gameplay Trailer

Along with the announcement of Omega Strikers came a brand new Gameplay Reveal Trailer. It depicts a chaotic soccer match with some unique characters.

The gameplay

Thanks to the Gameplay Reveal Trailer, we get a good insight into what Omega Strikers’ gameplay will look like. This free-to-play experience currently contains ten unique characters each with their own abilities.

That combined with the floating pitch insinuates an interesting combination of player battles, soccer matches, and goal scoring.

What platforms can you play Omega Strikers on?

Currently, Omega Strikers is only available to experience on PC. However, the game is projected to be available on mobile at the end of 2022 and on all major platforms in 2023.

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Will Omega Strikers be cross-platform?

When the game is available on multiple platforms it will contain both cross-platform gameplay, and cross-progression, meaning you can enjoy chaotic battles with friends no matter their console of choice.

That’s all we know about Omega Strikers at the moment. However, we will be updating this whenever new information is released so check back regularly. In the meantime, take a look at some other upcoming titles:

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