Is Omega Strikers cross-platform? Crossplay for PC and Mobile

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Wondering whether Omega Strikers has crossplay and cross-progression? Well, our handy page has everything you need to know about these highly-requested features. 

Now that the Omega Strikers Mobile beta is live, many players will want to know whether the game features crossplay and cross-progression between PC, iOS, and Android. After all, being able to take the 3v3 action on the go and save your progression on both platforms is a bonus to any player. 

So, if you’ve been playing Omega Strikers on PC and are wondering whether your purchased characters, cosmetics, and stats will be transferrable or whether you’ll be able to play matches against both PC and mobile players, then our handy article has everything you need to know. 

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Does Omega Strikers have crossplay and cross-progression?

Omega Strikers gameplay screenshotOdyssey Interactive
Omega Strikers has recently begun its mobile beta.

Yes, Omega Strikers features crossplay and cross-progression between PC and mobile. According to the official Omega Strikers Twitter account, players can team up and face opponents from both devices.  

Cross-progression will also be supported, which means that you’ll be able to unlock characters, cosmetics, and other in-game items and use them across both platforms. Being able to take your progression on the go is a great thing, particularly for those that wish to take the goal-scoring action on the go. 

This is great news, as Omega Strikers will also make its debut on console in the future. While the developers have yet to announce which consoles Omega Strikers will launch on, the ability to play with fans across all platforms will keep both the playerbase and competition healthy. 

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So, there you have it, that’s everything you need to know about whether Omega Srtikers supports crossplay and cross-progression. Be sure to check out our Omega Strikers page for all the latest news and guides.