Arma Reforger: Everything You Need To Know

Sam Comrie
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Arma Reforger is set to be the next installment of the critically acclaimed FPS series, and we’ve got all the latest information on its return. 

Since 2006 the Arma franchise has been going strong, with 2013’s Arma 3 remaining in the top 100 most played Steam games. The last installment was released eight years ago, but the franchise‘s community has remained vigilant as players hope a new game will arrive in the near future.

Now, the Bohemia Interactive-developed franchise is rumored to be returning with Arma Reforger. Here’s everything you need to know about the next Arma game.


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Arma 3 has a passionate modding community has kept the game alive since 2013.

Arma Reforger release date

Arma Reforger doesn’t have a release date and while we speculate the next Arma game will arrive by mid-2023, known Arma leaker Biosphere claims the game will release on Tuesday, May 17, 2022.

This coincides with the planned “future of Arma” stream that will take place on the franchise’s official Twitch channel.

According to the leaked marketing guide, shared by Redditor PlzDontBlame, Arma Reforger is intended to act as a bridge before Arma 4 arrives.

What platforms will Arma Reforger be on?

In the leaked marketing guide for Arma Reforger, the developers mention that Arma Reforger “is expected to launch PC, Xbox (One/Series X) and PlayStation 4 / 5 in the future.”

Arma Reforger trailers

We expect that an Arma Reforger trailer will be revealed shortly after the May 17 live stream, so be sure to check back in with us to find out more.

What do we know about gameplay?

The developers have expressed that Arma Reforger “will have a very strong multiplayer focus, but promises a degree of longevity with its Games Master scenario and modding support (including its own workshop).”

Arma Reforger will feature “basic in-game monetization but no DLCs or future microtransactions are currently planned.

“Arma Reforger delivers a polished sample of Arma 4 gameplay built upon our brand new Enfusion technology” and will allow players to immerse themselves in “tactical depth and yet remain accessible to a broad audience, including console users.”

The game is also poised to be set in the Cold War era, in an “alternative 1989” where players will “develop a persistent military career and join either US or Soviet forces in a fierce battle for the strategic island of Everon.”

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Who is developing Arma Reforger?

Original Arma franchise developers Bohemia Interactive have returned to create Arma Reforger. Players can expect the same level of realism and pedigree for intense action seen in previous Arma games.

Will there be an Arma 4?

Arma Reforger is intended to satisfy players waiting for Arma 4, as the developers work on polishing the next game. The developers specified in the marketing guide, that “due to the challenges in switching to our new Enfusion technology… Bohemia will not be able to deliver the full scope of Arma 4, with all its planned assets and mechanics, immediately on release.”

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