Dead Space remake: Release date, trailers, gameplay, platforms, more

Dead Space gameplayElectronic Arts

EA’s Dead Space remake is set to take old and new players on the original terrifying adventure all over again. From all the latest leaks to release date and platform rumors, here’s everything we know.

The Dead Space franchise has long been lauded as one of gaming’s best efforts in the horror genre. Players first jumped aboard the USG Ishimura in 2008, assuming the role of troubled engineer Isaac Clarke as he ventured through the Necromorph-infested ship.

Three mainline games, two spinoffs, and two animated movies later, the series has now been dormant for the better part of a decade.

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However, EA has finally confirmed that a remake of the first game is coming soon. After leaks began surfacing that the popular franchise is making a comeback, we now have full confirmation the ground-up remake is on the horizon.


Dead Space remake release date

The Dead Space remake will be released on Friday, January 27, 2023.

This comes a full 14 years after the original launched. Those who pre-order the remake on Steam will also receive a free digital copy of Dead Space 2.

Dead Space remake platforms

EA has confirmed that the Dead Space remake will be released for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

Dead Space gameplayElectronic Arts
The Dead Space remake is designed for new-gen consoles only.

This means the remake is being built from the ground up for the latest hardware only. Thus, it’s unlikely we’ll see it ported to previous-gen consoles anytime in the near future.

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Dead Space remake trailers

Check out the first gameplay trailer for the Dead Space remake – be warned, it’s scary and gruesome!

Another detailed look at the Dead Space remake came on May 13, 2022, as devs provided a deep dive into the game’s visuals.

Check out the final release trailer for the Dead Space remake:

Gameplay details

Dead Space remake comparisonElectronic Arts
The remake of Dead Space (and the original title) are survival horror games set in a vast mining spaceship after an alien parasite essentially causes a zombie outbreak. These creatures are known as Necromorphs and attempt to kill and infect any humans can they find.

They’re different from regular zombies, as they grow blades on their limbs which also makes them extra deadly. Issac can kill these creatures by using his mining equipment as weapons to dismember them. A Necromorph that can’t run or slash at him becomes much less of a threat, especially when ammo is scarce.

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The remake will likely stick to this formula, feeling a lot like the Resident Evil 2 remake but in space. The atmosphere will also feel similar to Resident Evil’s more horror-focused games, as well as taking cues from Ridley Scott’s classic sci-fi horror Alien.

Dead Space remake gameplayElectronic Arts
Isaac can shred flesh from bone in the Dead Space remake.

As one of the core changes in the remake, EA detailed an evolution of the dismemberment system. In the original Dead Space, Isaac could shoot individual limbs off nearby targets. Now, he can do more than just that.

Players will also be able to remove flesh directly from the bones of enemies. This serves not just as an added gore factor, but also to indicate the health of certain foes.

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While fans had been disappointed in some of the remake’s audio effects, the team at Visceral has taken the feedback on board and made changes.

Not only that but a spotlight has been cast upon other overlooked elements including Isaac’s lack of a voice, as well as supporting characters.

“Isaac has a voice here, just like in  and . And some characters who were a bit more secondary, who only appeared in audio logs, like Dr. Cross—we gave them some actual screen time. And we wanted to give a bit more background and agency to some of the characters from the cast, like Nicole. So we’re creating a whole layer of narrative side-quests that will allow you to see, for example, what happened to Nicole during the outbreak,” the devs said.

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There has also been a substantial upgrade to visual effects and lighting, helping to realize the Ishimura in greater details than ever before.

Dead Space Remake graphics modes

With Dead Space launching on new-gen hardware only, many have been intrigued to see how the ground-up remake will perform. Thankfully, we now know for certain two options will be available to players on PS5 and Xbox Series machines. 

  • Quality: 30FPS at 4K (UHD) resolution with ray-tracing.
  • Performance: 60FPS with 2K (QHD) with no ray-tracing.

So if you’d rather max-out the visuals and have the game looking at its best, Quality mode is there for you. But if you’d prefer smoother gameplay to help in combat, Performance mode is where it’s at.

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Dead Space Remake PC specs

If you’re jumping into the Dead Space remake on PC, you’ll need to meet the minimum system requirements in order to safely boot the game up. Likewise, if you’re looking to max everything out and have it running with the best possible settings, you’ll need to exceed the recommended specifications. Below is a full rundown on what’s required.

  Minimum Specs Recommended Specs
OS Windows 10 64-bit+ Windows 10 64-bit+
Processor Ryzen 5 2600x / Core i5 8600 Ryzen 5 5600x, Core i5 11600K
Graphics AMD RX 5700 / GTX 1070 Radeaon RX 6700 XT, Geforce RTX 2070
Memory 16 GB RAM 16 GB RAM
Direct X Version 12 Version 12
Storage 50 GB available space 50 GB available space


Following rumors from VentureBeat’s Jeff Grubb, Eurogamer was first to report that EA is working to revive “an established, fan-favorite IP.”

At the time, it was unclear what series this may have been referring to. Though in a July 1 update from Grubb, it was confirmed that the ‘established IP’ in focus was none other than Dead Space.

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Fans can expect a “full-fledged remake,” of the first title, as opposed to a traditional remaster. This means “modern visuals,” and potentially even “new game mechanics,” to modernize the 2008 classic.

Dead Space gameplayElectronic Arts
A remake of the original Dead Space is finally in the works.

Possibility of Dead Space 4?

While Dead Space is regarded as one of the more iconic horror franchises in gaming history, it appears the remake is a way for EA to gauge interest.

Despite Dead Space 2 selling more than two million copies in its first week alone, lifetime sales failed to meet company expectations. Similar can be said for Dead Space 3 which reportedly sold fewer units than its predecessor, selling just over 600,000 copies in its first month.

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Enthusiasm for a new entry has only grown over the years since the last game was released in 2013, however, there’s no guarantee that we’ll ever see a Dead Space 4 due to previous sales. If the remake fails to exceed EA’s expectations, it wouldn’t be advisable to hold your breath for a fourth entry.

On the other hand, if the remake sells exceptionally well, an entirely new game could very well be on the cards. The studio could also opt to remake Dead Space 2 or take the series in another direction.

Dead Space gameplayElectronic Arts
The future of the Dead Space franchise hinges on the success of the Dead Space remake.


Motive Studios is leading development on the Dead Space remake. This Canadian team, founded in 2015, co-developed 2017’s Star Wars Battlefront II before releasing its first full title with Star Wars Squadrons in 2020.

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The Dead Space remake will be their first time working on the popular horror franchise. 

Visceral Games, the original studio behind all three mainline Dead Space entries, was shuttered in 2017 after EA canceled ‘Project Ragtag,’ a third-person Star Wars game.

There’s no telling how many, if any, of the 80 Visceral Games developers transitioned to Motive Studios.

Visceral Games logoVisceral Games
Visceral Games, the original team behind Dead Space, has been shut for four years.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated here as further information surrounding the Dead Space remake comes to light.

For now, though, that is all the information we currently have. As always, we’ll be sure to update this section as soon as more details are announced.

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In the meantime, check out our Dead Space page and guides below to ensure your trek through the Necromorph-infested mining ship goes as smoothly as possible. 

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