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Dead Space remake: release date, reboot leaks, platforms, more

Published: 2/Jul/2021 4:30 Updated: 2/Jul/2021 4:41

by Brad Norton


EA’s acclaimed Dead Space series appears to be making a comeback of sorts as early reports have leaked a remake of the original title. From all the latest leaks to release date and platform rumors, here’s everything we know.


The Dead Space franchise has long been lauded as one of gaming’s best efforts in the horror genre. Players first jumped aboard the USG Ishimura in 2008, assuming the role of Isaac Clarke as he ventures through the Necromorph-infested ship.

Three mainline games, two spinoffs, and two animated movies later, the series has now been dormant for the better part of a decade.


However, leaks have begun surfacing that the popular franchise might finally be returning. Here’s everything we know about the Dead Space remake.

Dead Space remake leaks

Following rumors from VentureBeat’s Jeff Grubb, Eurogamer was first to report that EA is working to revive “an established, fan-favorite IP.”

At the time, it was unclear what series this may have been referring to. Though in a July 1 update from Grubb, it was confirmed that the ‘established IP’ in focus was none other than Dead Space.

Fans can expect a “full-fledged remake,” of the first title, as opposed to a traditional remaster. This means “modern visuals,” and potentially even “new game mechanics,” to modernize the 2008 classic.


Beyond that, there’s no telling just how intricate the remake will be. EA currently has an EA Play Live event scheduled for July 22. Perhaps there’s a chance we hear more on the Dead Space remake in this upcoming stream.

Dead Space gameplay
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A remake of the original Dead Space is reportedly in the works.

Dead Space remake leading to Dead Space 4?

While Dead Space is regarded as one of the more iconic horror franchises in gaming history, it appears the remake is a way for EA to gauge interest.

Despite Dead Space 2 selling more than two million copies in its first week alone, lifetime sales failed to meet company expectations. Similar can be said for Dead Space 3 that reportedly sold worse than its predecessor, moving just over 600,000 copies in its first month.


Enthusiasm for a new entry has only grown over the years since the last game released in 2013. However, there’s no guarantee that we’ll ever see a Dead Space 4 due to previous sales. If the remake fails to exceed EA’s expectations, it wouldn’t be advisable to hold your breath for a fourth entry.

On the other hand, if the remake sells exceptionally well, an entirely new game could very well be in the cards.

Dead Space gameplay
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The future of the Dead Space franchise hinges on the success of the Dead Space remake.

Dead Space remake developers

According to the earliest reports, Motive Studios is leading development on the Dead Space remake. This Canadian team, founded in 2015, co-developed 2017’s Star Wars Battlefront II before releasing its first full title with Star Wars Squadrons in 2020.


The Dead Space remake will be their first time working on the popular horror franchise. 

Visceral Games, the original studio behind all three mainline Dead Space entries, was shuttered in 2017 after EA canceled ‘Project Ragtag,’ a third-person Star Wars game.

There’s no telling how many, if any, of the 80 Visceral Games developers transitioned to Motive Studios.

Visceral Games logo
Visceral Games
Visceral Games, the original team behind Dead Space, has been shut for four years.

Dead Space remake release date

With no official confirmation from EA just yet, it’s too early for a release date to be locked in. Based on Motive’s last project, however, we can make some assumptions.

Star Wars Squadrons released in October of 2020. Therefore, even if the team immediately transitioned to work on Dead Space, it’s more than likely the remake is still in very early development.


The tail end of 2022 could be the absolute earliest plausible release window, depending on the intricacy of the remake. Though 2023-2024 appears to be a safer bet.

Dead Space remake platforms

Given there’s been no official word from EA just yet, it’s too early to confirm which platforms the Dead Space remake might land on. If the title is currently in early development, however, it could be safe to assume a new-gen only release.

A ‘full-fledged’ remake could take multiple years to develop. As a result, we could very well be three or four years into the new console cycle by the time the game is released. At that stage, it would be more likely for EA to release on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S along with PC.

Dead Space gameplay
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The Dead Space remake could be designed for new-gen consoles only.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated here as further information surrounding the Dead Space remake comes to light.