Gears of War reportedly getting Halo style collection for Xbox & PC in 2022

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A Gears of War Collection, in a similar vein to the Halo Master Chief Collection, could be on the way in 2022 as it’s been reportedly suggested that the game will be one of Xbox’s main releases this year.

With a potential Gears of War film on the way, now might just be the time to introduce new players to the legendary Gears series, or jog the memory of those who played the originals.

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Halo’s Master Chief Collection was a great success for Microsoft and now they appear to be turning their heads towards another one of their long-running franchises to get the same treatment. A Gears Collection certainly isn’t a new rumor, but the latest reports are that the project is coming to fruition.

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Gears of War Collection for Xbox in 2022?

The good folks on the XboxEra Podcast have been discussing the current happenings for Xbox and potential plans for the company coming up in the near future. One hot topic recently was the matter of a Gears of War Collection that they’d first discussed several months back.

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Nick Baker, one of the co-founders of XboxEra said: “There was a rumor mill a while back where I said that there is another Microsoft franchise that is getting the Master Chief-type Collection treatment, I am of the belief that that is coming this year.”

He doesn’t outright say which franchise is getting the remaster but another member in the podcast, Colt Eastwood, does: “I said, ever since this gen has started it’s been Gears Tactics, Halo Infinite, Forza Horizon 5, Gears Collection, and Forza Motorsport.”

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You can catch the beginning of the collection being mentioned at the 44:15 mark.

As it stands Microsoft’s schedule is looking rather empty with the continued support of Halo Infinite still a top priority and Starfield getting pushed back to 2023 at the very earliest.

If there is a Gears of War Collection on the way, we think it’s likely that it will be announced during the Xbox 2022 conference this summer and, as with all exclusives of this nature, it would likely be available on Xbox and PC.

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