All Content Warning monsters & how to escape them

Jessica Filby
Content Warning enemies

To survive an adventure in Content Warning, you’ll need to know all the monsters and how to get away from them. So, here’s everything you need to know.

Emerging from the shadows, Content Warning has risen to unprecedented popularity despite only being out for a short time. Naturally, its free 24 hours certainly helped fans get into the freaky horror co-op experience, but it’s clear the variety of monsters and exciting gameplay has kept those players hooked.

However, without a general understanding of all the monsters in Content Warning, escaping their clutches can prove a little tricky. So, here are all the monsters in Content Warning as well as how to escape them.

All monsters in Content Warning and how to escape them

Content Warning monsters

It’s worth noting, the monsters don’t have full names in Content Warning. Instead, users have found their names in the game’s files, so we will be referring to them as such.

MonsterHow to escape them
BigSlapAvoid being spotted
BombsAvoid getting sucked in by it by running away and using walls to separate you
BarnacleBallAvoid all webs and stay out of its way
DogDon’t get spotted
EarMove quietly and slowly
Harpoon / KnifDodge the knife swings until it runs away
JelloKeep away from it
SpiderAvoid all webs and stay out if its way

When we encounter more enemies and manage to escape them, we’ll update this article so be sure to bookmark it and check back soon.

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