Where to find Candy in Fortnite Season 8

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A basket full of Candy in Fortnite Season 8
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Fortnite fans will need to collect Candy for this year’s Fortnitemares quests, so we’ve put together a handy location guide to make completing this challenge a breeze.

Fortnitemares 2021 has officially begun! The Cube Queen has launched her attack on the Island (and is hovering ominously above us all), the center of the map is now known as The Convergence, and there’s a new Ariana Grande skin on the way.

But one of the best features is the promise of free rewards for completing a series of Fortnitemares quests. One of these challenges requires you to collect 25 Candy, but if you don’t know where to look, this can actually be quite a frustrating task.

Here, we’re going to explain how you can complete this Fortnitemares quest, including what Candy actually is and the best locations to visit in Fortnite Season 8 in order to find plenty of it.

Halloween decorations in Fortnite
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These are the Candy baskets you’re looking for.

Fortnite Candy locations in Season 8

The best place to find Candy in Fortnite Season 8 is Pleasant Park. Just like in real life, you’ll find baskets of Candy hidden among spooky decorations that have been put up outside houses at several POIs, and Pleasant Park has loads of them.

Your best plan of action is to land at Pleasant Park ASAP so other players don’t steal all of the Candy. When you arrive, run past all of the houses that line the outside of the location and keep an eye out for baskets of Candy. They look like pumpkins.

A basket full of Candy in Fortnite
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You’ll find plenty of these Candy baskets at Pleasant Park.

When you find them, give them a few hits with your Pickaxe and they’ll break open, releasing all of the Candy inside. Make sure you have room in your inventory, pick them up, and get to safety as there will be other players trying to complete this quest.

You don’t need to consume the Candy to complete this challenge, which is good news as you need to lose health before you can do that. Once you’ve found 25 Candy (this should be about four baskets worth), you’ll have finished the challenge.

So what’s your reward? Well, you’ll earn 2,800 XP for completing this quest, and you’ll also get a free cosmetic depending on how many Fortnitemares quests you’ve ticked off. If this is your first, you’ll get the Raven’s Curse Spray.

You can see all of the Fortnitemares 2021 quests and free rewards on offer right here.

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