How to complete all Fortnitemares 2021 quests & earn free rewards

. 8 months ago
A pickaxe and glider as part of the Fortnitemares 2021 rewards
Epic Games

A brand new set of Fortnitemares 2021 quests have gone live in Fortnite Season 8, and players will be able to earn free cosmetics as a reward for completing them all.

Every October, Epic Games celebrate the spooky season with their huge Fortnitemares event that introduces creepy Halloween-themed skins, special challenges to take part in, and new boss fights to take on with your friends.

For 2021’s event, there are a series of Fortnitemares quests to complete, including new Punchcard questlines from Ariana Grande and Dark Jonesy, that will offer up loads of free rewards including a Pickaxe and a Glider.

The free rewards on offer for completing Fortnitemares quests
Epic Games
The free rewards on offer for completing Fortnitemares quests.

How to earn free rewards from Fortnitemares 2021 quests

There are a total of eight free rewards to be unlocked as part of the Fortnitemares quests this year, all of which you can see below:

  • All-Weather Extractor Pickaxe – Complete Ariana Grande’s Monster Hunter Punchcard
  • Cube Cruiser Glider – Complete Dark Jonesy’s The Oracle Speaks Punchcard
  • Raven’s Curse Spray – Complete a Fortnitemares quest
  • Moonlit Duel Loading Screen – Complete two Fortnitemares Quests
  • Wrathful Breakout Contrail – Complete three Fortnitemares Quests
  • Cube Queen Skin – Complete 20 Horde Rush quests
  • Thinking Juice Back Bling – Earn 2,000,000 combined team points in Horde Rush mode
  • Fortnitemares Spray – Earn a team score of at least 400,000 in Horde Rush

These Fortnitemares quests could take you quite a while to complete, especially the Ariana Grande and Dark Jonesy Punchcard questlines, which consist of five individual challenges each.

Below, you’ll find the quests you’ll need to tick off for both Ariana Grande and Dark Jonesy’s Punchcards.

How to complete Ariana Grande’s Punchcard in Fortnite

All-Weather Extractor Pickaxe in Fortnite
Epic Games
The All-Weather Extractor is Ariana Grande’s Fortnitemares reward.

You can find Fortnite’s Ariana Grande NPC roaming Believer Beach, down by the pier. Here are all of her Punchcard quests:

  • Collect a Record and place it in a Turntable
  • Study the Caretaker’s footprints
  • Collect symbols from eliminated Cube Monsters
  • Reveal the Command Symbol
  • Launch Signal Flares

Like the other Punchcard questlines in Fortnite, you’ll get 30,000 XP for each of Ariana Grande’s quests, and the All-Weather Extractor Pickaxe when you complete the whole Punchcard.

How to complete Dark Jonesy’s Punchcard in Fortnite

Cube Cruiser Glider in Fortnite
Epic Games
The Cube Cruiser Glider is Dark Jonesy’s Fortnitemares reward.

You can find Fortnite’s Dark Jonesy NPC inside Steamy Stacks, at the northeast corner of the map. Here are all of his Punchcard quests:

  • Collect Scrolls at different IO Bases
  • Use a Shadow Stone, then recover the Spirit Vessel
  • Touch a Cube
  • Destroy the Corruption Cluster and all Corruption Fragments
  • Return the Spirit Vessel to the Oracle and hear his vision

Like the other Punchcard questlines in Fortnite, you’ll get 30,000 XP for each of Dark Jonesy’s quests, and the Cube Cruiser Glider if you manage to complete the whole Punchcard.

That’s everything you need to know about completing the Fortnitemares 2021 quests! For more guides like this one, make sure you visit our Fortnite home page.

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