Where to find an Alien Sample and carry it to Corny Complex in Fortnite

Daniel Megarry. Last updated: Aug 05, 2021
Epic Games

Doctor Slone’s orders just keep on coming in Fortnite Season 7. For this Week 9 challenge, players will need to collect an Alien Sample from a Satellite Station’s Dish and carry it to Corny Complex.

Despite the fact that Doctor Slone is a boss fight who attacks players on sight in Fortnite, plenty of this season’s weekly challenges have required loopers to assist her in gathering intel on the alien invaders. It’s a ‘lesser of two evils’ situation, we guess.

After disabling Alien Billboards and placing Spy Probes, players now need to collect an Alien Sample from a Satellite Station’s dish and carry it to Corny Complex. Below, you’ll find everything you need to know to complete this quest in no time.

Fortnite Dinky Dish
Epic Games
This is the Satellite Station dish you’re looking for.

Where to collect an Alien Sample from a Satellite Station in Fortnite

In order to collect an Alien Sample in Fortnite, you’ll need to head to one of the IO Bases scattered around the Island. You can see them from a distance because they have a glowing red light emitting from them.

These are the Satellite Station locations you can collect an Alien Sample from:

  • Deep Woods Dish inside Stealthy Stronghold.
  • Dinky Dish west of Steamy Stacks.
  • Discovery Dish on the cliff west of Believer Beach.
  • Dockside Dish on a hill west of Dirty Docks.
  • Defiant Dish directly south of The Aftermath.
  • Dampy Dish in the swamp area southwest of Slurpy Swamp.
  • Destined Dish behind the mountain southwest of Misty Meadows.

The Satellite Stations aren’t named locations on the Fortnite map, so we’ve marked them for you below.

Fortnite Season 7 IO Bases
Epic Games
All of the Satellite Stations in Fortnite.

For the purpose of this guide, we recommend visiting Defiant Dish as we definitely found an Alien Sample there and it’s not too far from Corny Complex. Once you arrive, head to the base of the large Satellite Dish.

The Alien Sample will either be inside a blue safe or a black briefcase, as seen below. Both of them are next to each other, so they should be easy to find. Interact with it, and you’ll have completed the first part of this quest.

alien sample
The Alien Sample will be inside one of these.

Where to find the Corny Complex entrance in Fortnite

Once you’ve collected the Alien Sample, you’ll need to take it to the entrance of Corny Complex within the same match to complete the quest. We recommend taking one of the IO Cars from the Satellite Stations as they’re incredibly fast.

The entrance to Corny Complex is underneath the big red farmhouse at the center of the POI. Head round the back, go down a hill, and find the cave entrance. Next to it, there will be an open briefcase to place the Alien Sample in.

Fortnite Corny Complex entrance
Epic Games
Here’s where you need to drop off the Alien Sample.

There are multiple IO Guards patrolling the area and you’ll most likely encounter several opponents trying to finish the same quest as you, so be alert and stock up on weapons when you’re at the Satellite Station in preparation.

Once you’ve finished this quest, you’ll earn yourself 30,000 XP to help you level up that Battle Pass. If you’re looking forward to the Ariana Grande concert, we’ve got all the information you need here.