Where to place Spy Probes in Fortnite for Week 9 challenge

Daniel Megarry
Fortnite Spy Probes
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There are more espionage-related challenges to take on this week in Fortnite Season 7, and one of them requires players to place Spy Probes at specific locations on the Island.

Fortnite Season 7 has delivered far more interesting weekly challenges than previous seasons, largely thanks to the alien theme. Some of these quests revolve around the extraterrestrial invaders, while others focus on the returning Imagined Order.

For Week 9’s Legendary challenges, you’ll be assisting Doctor Slone and the Imagined Order in gathering data on the aliens, known as ‘Trespassers’, by doing everything from collecting resources at Holly Hatchery to disabling Alien Billboards.

Right now, though, we’re focusing on the quest to place Spy Probes on the Island. Below, you’ll find locations and a map to help you complete this Fortnite weekly challenge in no time at all.

Fortnite Season 7 loading screen
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You’ll be helping Doctor Slone in Fortnite’s Week 9 challenges.

Where to place Spy Probes in Fortnite

To place Spy Probes in Fortnite, you’ll need to head to Retail Row at the east of the Island. When you get there, these are the three locations where you can place Spy Probes:

  • On a rock ledge as you enter Retail Row from the western road.
  • Beneath the small trees on the northern hill facing Retail Row.
  • Beneath the group of trees on the southern hill facing Retail Row.
Fortnite Spy Probes locations map
Epic Games
These are the Spy Probe locations in Fortnite.

The Spy Probes, which are just video cameras on tripods, will only show up while this challenge is active. You’ll know you’ve found the right locations as they appear as blue holograms until you interact with them.

You need to place three Spy Probes to complete this quest, and you’ll earn yourself a sweet 30,000 XP for doing so. Hopefully, that will help you earn some more Battle Stars to unlock more skins in your Battle Pass.

If you’re looking for more ways to earn XP, level up your Battle Pass, and get to those elusive Super Styles, check out our guide to all Fortnite Season 7 weekly challenges right here.