Fortnite June 7 hotfix: Nitro Fists nerfs, Harbinger SMG buffs, & more

Michelle Cornelia
A screenshot featuring NPCs in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3.

Find out all the new balance changes that have just dropped in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3, including nerfed Nitro Fists, buffed Tactical AR, and more.

Fortnite occasionally rolls out balance changes to keep things fresh in the Battle Royale. In Chapter 5, Season 3 alone, Nitro Cars — which dominated early this season have already received quite a few nerfs to give other players a chance to deal with them.

With Boogie Bombs being unvaulted, some players have found creative ways to deal with enemies. One example is permanently kicking a player out of their car using the bomb.

Now, new changes have dropped, as shared via a post on X, and here’s everything you need to know about Fortnite’s June 7 patch notes.

Fortnite June 7 patch notes: All changes in Chapter 5, Season 3

An image of the Nitro Fists melee weapon in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3.
Nitro Fists are a powerful new melee weapon.

One of the notable changes here is the reduction to Nitro Fists’ punch and uppercut damage, the all-new item that a portion of players have been using to deal with cars aside from Boogie Bombs.

Grenade Launcher and Machine Gun Turrets’ damage have also been reduced. You can find the full patch notes and changes below:

  • Get even splashier with increased Nitro Splash stack size (the Nitro effect also gives infinite stamina!)
  • Tactical Assault Rifle damage has been increased.
  • Harbinger SMG reloads faster and has an increased fire rate. Brrt brrt!
  • Reduced Nitro Fists’ punch and uppercut damage to structures and air punch damage to both structures and players.
  • Slightly reduced Grenade Launcher Turret damage to players.
  • Slightly reduced Machine Gun Turret’s damage and fire rate.
  • Fixed a bug causing higher Boom Bolt damage to player-built structures than intended.

With buffs to Tactical Assault Rifle and Harbringer SMG, these will likely be seen more often in the Battle Royale, especially when paired with some of the best weapon mods

On the other hand, cars may still be viable, but with items that can counter them now, players will have to be a lot more careful when using them.