Fortnite players beg for counters to vehicular terror in Chapter 5 Season 3

John Esposito
Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3 car artwork

Cars are dominating Fortnite’s battle royale mode, and players are begging for ways to combat vehicle users.

Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3 features a Mad Max theme where the island has been converted into a wasteland overrun by bandits with jacked-up vehicles. One of the key features this time around is that vehicles can be modded with unique attachments like gun turrets, bulletproof tires, and more, following the theme of Mad Max.

Within hours of the season’s launch, players have discovered the current meta will be cars, as the new moddable attachments can shred the opposition in seconds. Numerous posts flooded the game’s subreddit as players sent their foes back to the lobby with a fury of machine turret bullets.

The problem players have encountered is if one can’t find a vehicle, it’s nigh impossible to combat those in them. A series of posts have acknowledged that issue, with players petitioning for the return of key items like the Shield Break EMP and the Goo Gun.

While the EMP seems like a great counter, one player argued it would’ve “ruined the fun and the entire gimmick.” A fair point given this season centers on vehicular mayhem. Others agreed with the previous that the EMP was tuned way too strong and would render vehicles useless.

A popular request by fans has been the reintroduction of the Anvil Rocket Launcher. After being vaulted for a good chunk of time, Chapter 5 Season 1 unvaulted the weapon. Yet it was vaulted once again with Season 2’s debut.

With cars currently very strong, Fortnite players are generally confused as to why neither of these items are available. “They for some reason add the EMP grenades and Anvil Launchers in seasons where they’re not needed.” a player summarized.

Chapter 5 Season 3 is still fresh, so it’s possible Epic Games will unleash these options to counter cars in the future. If that’s the case, the developers may face the tough act of balancing vehicles while providing suitable anti-vehicle counters.