Fortnite player claims one item is the best counter to cars in Chapter 5 Season 3

Daniel Appleford
Fortnite artwork

While some Fortnite players may think that there is no possible way to counter the Chapter 5 Season 3 meta, others are showing just how easy it is.

The introduction of vehicle mods has sent the Fortnite map into a Nitro-fueled frenzy with many games ending in an all-out battle between cars. A meta that has players begging for changes to be made to counter them.

However, one user thinks that players need to think outside of the box when it comes to playing against vehicles. All thanks to one item that makes fighting against armored cars easy.

Nitro Fists were added to the game when Chapter 5 Season 3 launched on May 24. They were featured in the trailer as a great way to defend against vehicles, but the community has seemingly forgotten that part.

One Redditor posted a clip of themselves using the Nitro Fists creatively, throwing cars off the side of the mountain. The clip also showcased how overpowered the fists themselves actually are for hitting not only cars but enemies as well.

“People who complain about cars being too strong, that you are doomed without a car in the last circle, that there is no counter to cars, and so on. This might be helpful,” said the OP.

Nitro Fists, a pair of dual gauntlets, occupy a full inventory slot when equipped. They are a purple rarity item that can be found in chests or as floor loot across the map.

Each set of Nitro Fists has four charges in Fortnite, which can be used to uppercut and slam opponents or launch themselves in any direction. These are great assets when trying to take down a vehicle with a spiked bumper and rocket launcher attached to the top.

But, the clip shared by the Redditor did not convince some that the Nitro Fists were the right counter to the vehicles, especially since the cars in the clip did not have one key factor.

“Very cool. Thanks for sharing. However, those trucks didn’t have cannons or auto guns blasting away at you. I wonder how well all of this would have worked if they did,” said one commenter.

Another pointed out that while the idea was good in theory, they found that not all cars could be pushed as easily as the clip showed. The specific example was for a mythic vehicle, which has vastly different effects than the regular cars scattered around.

So the Nitro Fists may be good for some instances but could fail to get you a Victory Royale alone due to the nature of Chapter 5 Season 3.

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