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SypherPK reveals the 3 worst things about Fortnite Season 5

Published: 10/Dec/2020 16:34

by Daniel Megarry


Fortnite streamer Ali “SypherPK” Hassan has shared his three least favorite things about the Season 5 update, including the vaulting of a popular weapon.

Season 5 of Epic’s popular battle royale Fortnite has proven to be a hit with players. The introduction of The Mandalorian and Kratos cosmetics, as well as a revamped map that merges old and new, have helped make the game feel fresh and exciting again.

But as with any update or new release, there are bound to be aspects that players don’t like.

During a Fortnite match with Ninja, CouRage, and Dr Lupo, popular streamer SypherPK was asked to reveal what he thinks are the three worst things about Season 5, and he shares similar frustrations that the wider fanbase has voiced.


Fortnite Double Pump
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Fans are loving Fortnite Season 5, but there are some flaws

“I love this season, but if I had to pick my three worst things that I don’t like in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5, the lack of the Pump Shotgun would be [number] one,” he said.

The Pump Shotgun was a popular weapon among Fortnite players, but it was relegated to the Vault at the start of Season 5. Fans have been campaigning on social media for Epic Games to add the weapon back ever since.

While the removal of the Pump Shotgun is definitely a disappointment, there’s a new shotgun on the scene in the form of The Dub – we’ve put together a guide to claiming the new Exotic shotgun for yourself.


SypherPK continued with his second and third worst things about Season 5, explaining, “It’s really hard to upgrade weapons, I think the upgrade system needs to be revamped.

“And I still think there’s not enough action on the map. There needs to be more action.”

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Despite disliking those elements of the update, SypherPK explained that overall he’s a big fan of Season 5 and even went as far as to claim that “Old Fortnite is back” thanks to the revamped map and a surge of players returning to the game.

“Honestly, the vibes have been great lately,” he said. “A lot of OG streamers have returned to the game, Tilted Towers is back sort of, and even Double Pump has made somewhat of a return.”


We’re well into Season 5 now, but there’s still plenty more to come, including a rumored Halo skin and more challenges on the horizon — keep up to date with the latest news with our dedicated Fortnite hub.