Fortnite players beg devs to bring back “iconic” cosmetic

Michelle Cornelia
A screenshot featuring a blurred Fortnite cosmetic.

Fortnite players claim they miss this type of “iconic” cosmetic that was only available in the OG days and beg devs to add them back.

Fortnite‘s cosmetics have come a long way since the game’s first collab with Marvel in 2018. Since then, what seemed like a merely Battle Royale game with building mechanics has become a massive cultural phenomenon, featuring characters from different movies, TV series, anime, and even real-life celebrities.

What makes the game’s cosmetics even better is that they often feature unique animations and effects that players seem to love. And when it comes to that, it’s hard to forget the “iconic” pet back blings that were introduced in the OG days of Fortnite.

Not only do these back blings react to the player’s gameplay, but others can also pet the cuddly creatures, making them quite unique. Unfortunately, this kind of back bling has yet to return in the game, and players have demanded them to be brought back.

In a Reddit thread showcasing some of the pet back blings in Fortnite, one user claimed that Epic would “make tons of money” if they brought them back to the game. “Players who didn’t play during chapter 1 want them,” they added.

The majority of players agreed with the OP in comments, with some of them claiming they want them “so bad” and that it would be a “smart” move to do.

“Yea, we’ve barely got any since chapter 1, and they were battle pass only,” one person wrote. Meanwhile, another user suggested, “Toys and Pets NEED to return.”

One person said they would “100% love” a baby Klombo pet back bling, referring to the massive dinosaur-like creature in Fortnite that appeared in Chapter 3.

A screenshot featuring the Empress pet back bling in Fortnite.
Empress pet back bling in Fortnite.

“Pets were the most iconic thing in BR no other game has them,” another person wrote in the comments.

Despite some players wanting pets to be brought back to the game, others were skeptical of their return. One user explained that pets’ designs and animations take more time to develop, and they’re rarely used due to their “bulky” look.

Another user also pointed out that devs also have to “fix” them, explaining that half their pets have “lost their animations.”

While it’s unknown whether or not pets will be brought back, the next season is fast approaching, and there are many other new cosmetics players can look forward to.

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