Fortnite shatters peak player record with Season OG launch

Daniel Appleford
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Fortnite has broken its record of concurrent players after bringing back the OG map from 2018, garnering even more players than it had when the OG map was in the game originally.

Fortnite paid homage to its original fan base by turning back the clock to 2018 on November 3. With the rewind came the return of popular map locations, weapons and more.

Not only could players immerse themselves in the map and playstyle of the game, they could also kit themselves out in OG gear. The Rangerok, Banana and Knight can all be obtained from the OG Battlepass. Fortnite has also begun adding skin lines from the first chapter in the shop.

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Millions of players flocked to the game when the update launched which caused queue times to pile up. The influx of players was some of the highest that Fortnite had seen in years but, by the second day, a record had already been broken.

Fortnite surpasses 44 million players on OG map

On November 4, Fortnite took to Twitter to share that the game had reached 44.7 million players, the most the game had ever seen. In addition to that, the game surpassed 102 million hours of playtime in just a single day.

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“Way to start things off with a big bang,” said Fortnite. “We’re blown away by the response to Fortnite OG. Yesterday was the biggest day in Fortnite’s history with over 44.7 MILLION players jumping in and 102 MILLION hours of play. To all Fortnite players, OG and new, THANK YOU!”

There is a lot more to come with Fortnite OG. The developers have more plans in the coming weeks by adding more features from other earlier seasons. Although it’s worth noting that players have certainly taken some time to adjust to the way Fortnite used to be.

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