Ninja reacts to viral Fortnite recreation of his NYE flossing fail

Eli Becht
Ninja flossing on nye

Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins became the first streamer ever to get their own skin in Fortnite, and players are already taking the opportunity to recreate his famous New Year’s Eve flossing fail in Times Square.

On Jan 16, the new Ninja skin hit the item shop and gave all his fans the opportunity to play as their favorite streamer in-game.

We’ve seen musicians like Major Lazer and Marshmello enter the battle royale in the past, but Ninja is breaking ground as the first streamer to do so.

Ninja skin fortnite
Ninja’s skin is in Fortnite now.

Given how much popularity Ninja has brought to Fortnite, it’s hard to think of a more appropriate personality to immortalize as the first streamer skin.

One of the most memorable moments for the star was his New Year’s Eve event on Twitch, where he tried to get the Times Square crowd to floss with him – only to have it fail miserably.

This moment has gone on to become one of the most-viewed Twitch clips ever, and is frequently brought up as a way to troll the now-Mixer star.

When his skin hit the item shop, players wasted absolutely no time in recreating this iconic moment, with dozens of clips being posted on various social media platforms.

Ninja reacted to one of these fan creations, which went as far as overlaying the audio from the famous clip into the game. In the clip, someone in the skin was standing on a stage in front of a crowd of Sneaky Snowmen staring stone-faced back at him, much like the audience at Times Square.

“Jesus Christ,” was all Ninja could manage upon seeing this.

To be fair, he had to have expected someone would do this with the first opportunity they could get. The clip he stumbled upon has over 70,000 views and counting – and that’s not even including the numerous creations from other players, as well.

Players who want to get a hold of Ninja’s exclusive skin can cop it via the Fortnite item shop. However, it won’t be available forever, as it leaves the shop on Sunday, Jan 19, giving fans a limited amount of time to snag the now-viral feature.

Epic Games bring skins back to Fortnite all the time, so, if you miss it this time around, you might be able to catch it on its inevitable return.

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