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Ninja’s Fortnite skin has a surprising effect the better you play

Published: 17/Jan/2020 0:50

by Brad Norton


Tyler ‘Ninja‘ Blevins is the first content creator to receive an exclusive skin in Epic Games’ popular Battle Royale title, and the unique cosmetic item comes with a surprising effect for impressive players.

After years of the Fortnite community pleading Epic to release custom streamer skins, Ninja announced on January 15 that he had an exclusive cosmetic coming to Fortnite with the game’s next update. 

Ninja’s skin captures his iconic blue hair and prominently features his logo on the left sleeve, allows players to embody the streaming sensation. However, the first of its kind skin also comes boasting a surprising feature under the hood that rewards players for exceptional performances.

Performing well in Fortnite and racking up eliminations has only ever been displayed through the in-game tally on the Heads Up Display (HUD). However, the brand new Ninja skin comes with a new effect and puts an end to just that.

With each successive elimination, the yellow headband appears to grow. From a standard piece of apparel that Ninja often wears throughout his streams on Mixer, to a lengthy item that almost matches the size of the swords on his back.

The better you perform throughout any match, the longer the headband becomes. Starting out in a fresh lobby will have all Ninja skins on an even playing field, but the further into a match you get, the more headbands you’ll be able to spot across the map.

Ninja's exclusive Fortnite skin changes as players compete
Reddit: FortNiteBR
The iconic headband grows in size with each consecutive elimination.

Moreover, the unique aspect of the cosmetic reaches another level entirely if players continue with their exceptional performance. While the length of the headband caps out at 10 eliminations, reaching such a streak will make the iconic apparel glow for all to see.

Allowing others around you to instantly recognize the magnitude of your performance, a glowing headband is one of the most unique ways to flex on everyone else in the lobby.

A surefire way to gauge just how imposing the final remaining enemies are as well, if you see a full squad of Ninja’s heading your way – each with a glowing headband – it might be time to bunker down and hope for the best. 

Ninja’s very own skin was made available through Fortnite’s in-game store at 6PM CST on January 16.  

While a detailed blog post from Epic Games teased a similar treatment would be on the way for Australian streamer Kathleen ‘Loserfruit’ Belsten and Spanish YouTuber David ‘TheGrefg’ Cánovas, there’s no telling whether each skin from here on out will feature unique functions like Ninja’s iconic headband. 


Minecraft streamers TommyInnit, Tubbo & more dominate Twitch after Dream SMP finale

Published: 24/Jan/2021 12:29

by Georgina Smith


Streamers who are part of Dream’s SMP Minecraft server such as TommyInnit, Tubbo, Quackity, and more, are topping the list of the fastest growing streamers on Twitch following an SMP finale stream.

The Minecraft community has experienced a giant surge in popularity throughout the past year, with the 2011 game providing a central focus for a huge number of streamers who have seen a boost in their follower count recently.

Largely this resurgence in popularity is due to the huge multi-streamer server named the ‘Dream SMP.’ Dream is a popular Minecraft speedrunner and YouTuber, and while the SMP (survival multiplayer server) started off as a simple fun server, it quickly progressed into remarkably detailed roleplay and lore, which has captivated fans across the world.

Minecraft promo image next to Dream logo, Mojang, Microsoft Studios /
The Dream SMP is full of many hugely popular streamers and YouTubers.

The story of the Dream SMP features wars, betrayal, revolutions, and more, and these plotlines are acted out and developed by a huge host of streamers who have all appeared in the server or in content relating to the server.

Dream SMP dominate fastest-growing channels

Following a ‘finale’ stream that saw an end to part of the developing story, many of these Dream SMP streamers are shooting to the top of the ranks on Twitch, dominating the fastest-growing streamers list.

According to SullyGnome, 16-year-old Tommy is the fastest-growing account on the platform, with his average viewers at a whopping 300,000. This follows his finale stream in which he peaked at around 650,000 viewers.

(Note: The top channel here, elpront0, is the victim of a follow bot, and so those numbers are discounted)

Table showing the fastest growing streamers for the week up to January 24
SullyGnome’s data shows the fastest growing streamers for the seven days leading up to January 24.

Close behind Tommy, and all within the top ten fastest-growing streamers for the seven days leading up to January 24, are fellow SMP streamers awesamdude, Tubbo, RanbooLive, Quackity, Foolish Gamers, Sapnap, and Philza.

To see this list dominated by one group of people is certainly a testament to the growing popularity of the Dream SMP group. With so many creators on board, the amount of content is practically endless, and clearly a huge amount of work has gone into developing the lore.

Now this finale has passed, fans will be keen to know what’s going to happen next in the world of the Dream SMP, and there’s no doubt that this interest will provide an even bigger boost in numbers for these streamers.