How to get Major Lazer’s exclusive Fortnite skin

Matt Porter

Epic Games have revealed that they are teaming up with electronic dance trio Major Lazer to release a brand new skin plus other cosmetic items inspired by the musicians in Fortnite

This marks just the second time that Epic have teamed up with popular personalities to release a special Fortnite skin in their honor, with the other being Marshmello who received a number of cosmetic items following his in-game concert event.

Major Lazer‘s current lineup consists of Diplo, Walshy Fire and Ape Drums, and throughout the years have released worldwide smash hits like ‘Lean On’ and ‘Cold Water’, and will now get an amazing skin based on the lead character from their 2015 animated series.

Screenshot: Major Lazer / FXXMajor Lazer had their own animated series back in 2015.

What is included in the Major Lazer bundle?

Fans of the trio will be able to get their hands on a brand new skin based on the Major Lazer character of the same name who appeared in their animated series back in 2015. Since then, Major Lazer has made appearances on the group’s social media platforms, and on album covers too, and will finally make his debut in the world of video games.

A special pickaxe will also be available, alongside a dance named “Major Moves,” and a custom back bling for the character as well.

Data miner S1l0x has been able to give us a sneak peak at what it will look like in-game, which you can view below.

When does the Major Lazer Fortnite bundle release?

The good news is that you won’t have long to wait to get your hands on the Major Lazer bundles, as Epic Games have confirmed that it will be released today on Thursday, August 22.

The developers tweeted out on August 21 that the pack would be made available “tomorrow,” although an official release time has not been revealed, which means it’s likely that they will just appear whenever the Item Shop refreshes at around 5PM PT / 8PM ET.

Will there be a special Major Lazer event?

When Marshmello got his own signature cosmetic set back in February, it coincided with a special in-game concert which saw the DJ address players around the world while they enjoyed some of his most popular tracks in a custom-built environment.

There has been no announcement regarding another concert, and nothing in the game’s files seems to point at the idea that this will happen, so it’s probably wise not to get your hopes up.

Of course though, Epic are known for their surprise inclusions and events, so it may be worth keeping your eyes peeled over the weekend.

REDDIT: GRANTLDMarshmello got his own in-game concert, but it doesn’t appear that it will be the case for Major Lazer.

How much will the Major Lazer Fortnite bundle cost?

There is no official word on how much the Major Lazer bundle will cost, but it’s likely that some of the items will be made available by completing challenges, much like the Marshmello cosmetics earlier in the year.

If Epic Games do stick with a similar pricing model though, you can expect to pay 1500 V-Bucks to get hold of the Major Lazer skin.

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