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Fortnite Metal Masq bundle leaked and coming soon

Published: 15/Jan/2020 11:03

by David Purcell


Fortnite Chapter 2 could be set to introduce a brand new ‘Meal Masq’ bundle in the near future, if leaked information is to be believed. 

Epic Games rolled out their v11.40 patch on January 15, which included a revamped Heavy Assault Rifle, the introduction of a new feature called Sidegrading and more.

Alongside those official announcements, though, data miners have been raking through all of the new files added to the game as part of the weekly update and it is fair to say that they found a gold mine in terms of cosmetics. A whole bunch of skins, styles and cosmetics were leaked after the patch went live.

Fortnite player using new Sidegrading system to earn the Heavy Assault Rifle.
Epic Games
Fortnite’s v11.40 update introduced a new Sidegrading feature for weapons.

One of the most notable and exciting pieces of news to emerge from the leaks, however, wasn’t one particular outfit or style. Instead, a fresh bundle has been leaked ahead of schedule.

The Metal Masq pack was leaked by reliable data miner Lucas7yoshi, showing what appears to be a main skin (right) followed by an alternative style that players will be able to activate.

The leaked hasn’t given a specific timeframe as to when they expect the pack to be added to Fortnite Chapter 2, although content found in leaks are typically ready to go. Well, apart from unusual cases like the Bao Bros skins that took months to arrive after being revealed, of course.

Over the last few months, players have been treated to a Star Wars crossover, Winter event and much more – all of which brought different limited time modes with them.

In the future, though, it appears that a new Search and Destroy Creative LTM will be announced alongside this Metal Masq pack. At least, that’s what Lucas7yoshi has suggested.

As is the case with any Fortnite leaks, though, we can never be sure as to whether or not this is how things will play out in-game. Sometimes things found in the game files don’t always make the cut, or are amended, but it’s certainly worth keeping an eye on the Fortnite Item Shop for the foreseeable future if you want to pick up this leaked bundle.


Fortnite players discover a new instant-death glitch on the map

Published: 21/Nov/2020 14:02

by Joe Craven


Fortnite players have been reporting bizarre deaths in cars as they drive round Chapter 2’s map. Epic Games have responded, but it’s not yet clear how close to a patch they are. 

Any battle royale game of Fortnite’s size is bound to impacted by a bug or two from time to time. Generally, the game’s developers have done a good job of keeping issues to a minimum, but there is so much content to keep an eye on.

One set of bugs, though, that have had more life than others are instant death glitches.

Back in Chapter 1 we saw players randomly killed when exploring the greenery around Tilted Towers, and Chapter 2’s version of the instant-death glitch seems to relate to being in a car around the Holly Hedges area of the map.

Holly Hedges Nursery for Groot Challenges
Epic Games
Holly Hedges has been a POI since Chapter 2’s first season.

On November 20, one Redditor posted their issue, explaining that they have been randomly dying while driving around the Holly Hedges area of the map. Attached was a screenshot showing the player finishing 41st after an untimely (and very random) death.

While not garnering too much attention, the post appeared to relate to an issue other users have been having too, making an instant death-spot the likely cause.

So if you drive a car in holy hedges near yellow house to the side you die from FortNiteBR

Thankfully, Epic themselves were on hand to provide an update, explaining that they are aware of the issue and are trying to root out a cause and patch. “Thanks for flagging this, u/Mablemon!” one dev replied. “Our QA team has been investigating cases like this.”

Unfortunately, the Epic response appears to indicate that they have not yet been able to isolate exactly what is causing the problem, so a fix doesn’t seem imminent just yet.
Needless to say, though, that Epic will be doing everything they can to fix the issue promptly given how it can quite literally ruin a player’s match. For a full look at all the issues they’re tracking right now, head over to their dedicated Fortnite Trello page.