How to watch The End in Fortnite: Season 10 event countdown and location

Epic Games

‘The End’ is nearly upon us in Fortnite Battle Royale, as the Season 10 event is set to end with a bang on Sunday, October 13 – here’s everything you need to know to get ready for Chapter 2 (or Season 11).

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The Season 10 event is possibly the most highly anticipated in-game event ever in Fortnite, as it is expected to bring in a brand new map for the first time.

Although many of the details remain unconfirmed, leaks and rumors suggest that whatever happens during the event, it will trigger the start of the leaked ‘Chapter 2’ and transport players to a new location.

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When is The End event?

The Fortnite Season 10 event will start at 2pm EST on Sunday, October 13 (11am PST, 7pm BST).

Epic Games confirmed this time thanks to the countdown in the sky above Dusty Depot, which appeared about a week before the event is scheduled to take place.

Epic GamesThe countdown at Dusty Depot.
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How to Watch Season 10 event

Like with previous events, it’s expected that there will be a new playlist for players to enter, which will hopefully be protected from enemies, meaning you can watch the event in peace.

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This playlist should be made available shortly before the event starts, so just be sure to be ready to jump in at around 2pm EST (11am PST / 7pm BST).

If you can’t watch in-game for whatever reason, countless livestreamers will also be broadcasting the action, and you can check out top streamers like Ninja, NickEh30, and Ali-A on Mixer, Twitch, and YouTube respectively.

The Visitor is believed to be behind the events of Season 10.
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What will happen in The End event?

Following leaks of ‘Fortnite Chapter 2′ which appeared to show a brand new map, it seems all but certain that this is coming following the season-ending event.

One of the biggest hints for this comes from Epic Games themselves, with a teaser image appearing to show characters waving goodbye to the battle bus – presumably as it goes to the new map.

Epic GamesThis teaser image hints at the new map.
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Theories suggest that the current map will be rendered inhabitable, as players are ‘sucked into a zero point’ and frozen, just like in the previous Butterfly event.

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At some point during the event, players will be transported outside of the current map. Some leakers have theorized that downtime for the v11.00 update will begin immediately after the event ends.

The event will apparently last around three minutes, with an extended cinematic playing to take us into the new season.

New Map for Chapter 2?

In addition to the iOS store leak, which showed ‘Chapter 2’, the main we have for a new map claims to reveal a host of named locations or ‘POIs’.

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It’s unknown if both the new and current map will be playable, or if the current island is completely removed and replaced.

Another theory is that it will, in fact, be the ‘same’ map, just drastically changed, almost to the point of being unrecognizable.

We’ll simply have to wait until the event is over to know for sure. Stay tuned to Dexerto for everything you need to know.