How to defeat Huntmaster Saber in Fortnite: Mythic Thermal Rifle location

Marc Griffin
huntmaster saber

There’s a brand new boss making its debut in Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 2. You’ll need to defeat Huntmaster Saber to acquire the Mythic Thermal Rifle – and we’re going to show you how to do it. 

Once existing as a new gimmick, boss battles have managed to become mainstays of the Fortnite experience. 

First, Epic Games used boss battles to show off unimaginable crossover characters like Dr. Doom and Wolverine, but bosses have become a staple to the battle royale as each season brings a new challenge to the fray. 

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So, with Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2, it’s no shock that we have received several new boss battles with Huntmaster Saber joining the ranks.

Huntmaster Saber Fortnite A look at Huntmaster Saber and the Command Cavern.

Who is Huntmaster Saber?

The Huntmaster Saber character is a part of the faction known as the Imagined Order in Fortnite, commanding a group of IO Guards to boot. If you’ve come across the Saber, you know how difficult this particular battle can be if you go unprepared. 

But if you want to wield the same power that he inflicts upon trespassers through his Mythic Huntmaster Saber’s Thermal Rifle, you will do whatever it takes to defeat him. 

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So, allow us to explain where to find Huntmaster Saber, how to beat it, and the power of the Mythical Thermal Rifle. 

Where to Find Huntmaster Saber in Fortnite

Players can find Huntmaster Saber at Command Cavern Airship, a new POI that prelates the Covert Cavern. Just as before, there is a heavy IO guard presence near the cavern entrance, making it difficult for the player to get straight to Huntmaster Saber. However, players will be able to use one of the secret entrance ways to create an alternative pathway. 

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How to defeat Huntmaster Saber in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2

huntmaster saber fortniteWith elusive gameplay, Huntmaster Saber has proved to be a formidable boss fight.

Huntmaster Saber has an abundance of health, much like other Fortnite bosses, and is offensively aggressive. 

In short, this battle won’t be easy. Huntmaster can teleport and uses a spinning slash that deals about 20 damage per hit. 

On top of that, Huntmaster Saber also uses his signature Mythic Thermal Rifle that isn’t anything to sneeze at either with 128.0 DPS, 32 Damage, and a  4.0 Fire Rate. But with a bit of preparation and strategy, Huntmaster will go down like bosses of Fortnite past. 

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Tips and tricks to help you defeat Huntmaster Saber:

  • Moving as a unit is highly advised. Try taking on Saber in with a teammate nearby, as the pressure will overwhelm it.
  • If you are doing this yourself, have at least two healing items and one epic weapon in your loadout. There is a chance that Saber’s henchman will pop out or, worse, other players will interfere in your battle. You will need heavy artillery to do lots of damage and quickly. 
  • Use a rifle with a scope and aim at Saber’s head as much as possible. The more headshots you land, the quicker this will be over. 
  • Try and keep your distance from the Huntmaster Saber as he is quick to use his spinning slash on the player. Yes, he will teleport towards you if you are far away, but you will be able to make a better read if you anticipate the teleport coming. 
  • Throughout the battle, keep your distance and keep the pressure on through headshots. 
  • Once the battle is over, grab the Mythic Thermal Rifle and run for your life! There are sure to be henchmen and other players coming your way who have heard the battle taking place. 

What can the Huntmaster Saber’s Thermal Rifle do?

Thermal RifleThe Thermal Rifle could become a part of this season’s meta.

Huntmaster Saber’s Thermal Rifle is a mythical automatic weapon equipped with a low-zoom thermal scope. 

One of the weapon’s most prominent selling points is that it can highlight enemies and other objects from any range. Saber’s Thermal Rifle uses medium ammo, dishes out 32 damage, and has a critical hit multiplier of 2.0x. 

Once you’ve beaten Huntmaster Saber, check out our other Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 guides.