Fortnite players blame Drum Shotgun for ruining Season OG’s final days

Rishabh Sabarwal
Fortnite drum shotgun firingEpic Games

Drum Shotgun is the latest weapon to be unvaulted with the recent Fortnite hotfix. However some players are now blaming the weapon entirely for ruining the final days of Season OG for them. Here’s what they had to say about it.

Season OG of Fortnite is drawing to a close, and players are preparing to bid farewell once more to the game’s iconic Chapter 1 island. The recent season has garnered significant attention online as it has seen its highest number of concurrent users ever and return of former streamers that have come out of retirement to play it.

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Players were able to drop once more in iconic POIs like Retail Row and Paradise Palms while wielding classic weapons like the Pump Shotgun, Assault Rifle, Minigun, and more in a Battle Royale match thanks to this season’s updates. Up until the v27.11 patch, which introduced weapons from Seasons 9 and X to the island, players were treated to a new weapon unlock every week.

The most overpowered weapon in the game, the Drum Shotgun, was also included in the hotfix along with the meteor and the unvaulted Ballers. Some players feel that the weapon’s addition ruined their last few days of Season OG, despite the fact that it is well-known for its high rate of fire and ability to deal significant damage against opponents.

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Fortnite players feel Drum Shotgun is annoying in Season OG

A Reddit user named LeOsaru posted an image of the Drum Shotgun after the v27.11 hotfix was released and challenged others to, “Say something nice about this gun, because I can’t”. The user then added his thoughts on how they find the weapon annoying in Season OG as they had enjoyed the season so far before it.

Other users jumped on the discussion and mostly agreed. One such user said, “The ‘f*** off’ gun. The moment you start shooting, they decide that an engagement might not be the best idea.” Another chimed in, “I love it, but it feels stronger when other people use it against me.”

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A third added, “There are more players that rush / chase just for one kill this season. It’s honestly atrocious to the point where I’m getting more aggressive with my gameplay.” A fourth commented, “Nice thing: It will be gone soon.”

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