Fortnite players divided over “worst” weapon in Chapter 5 Season 1

Sourav Banik
Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1 End

Fortnite‘s Chapter 5 Season 1 is concluding soon and some players are divided over the “worst” ever weapon to have existed in this season.

Fortnite has undergone a complete overhaul with Chapter 5 Season 1 after a prosperous Season OG, breathing new life into the Battle Royale game. Each new season brings something new to the table either in the form of new weapons or items, and it’s no different this time around.

Now that Chapter 5 Season 2 is upon us, players are divided over the worst weapons in this season of Fortnite, and the answers are pretty diverse.

Fortnite players discuss the “worst” Chapter 5 Season 1 weapons

Sharing on Reddit, a player feels the Hyper SMG has been the worst weapon in Chapter 5 Season 1, while completely excluding the Anvil Launcher from the list as it was “so bad.”

To this, the community jumped in to share their experiences with various weapons that they found not worth the time this Season.

One player felt the Pump Shotgun was “incredibly bad” due to its “slow firerate and the shock shield in Zero Build makes the time to kill way too late unless you land two full headshots.”

Some players took funny takes on the Hammer Pump where they could “watch a movie between shots” or even have “graduated from medical school in between shots the other day.” In particular, a certain player feels the main thing that’s wrong with the Hammer Pump is it “cycles far too slow.”

While everybody seemed to be hating on the Pump Shotgun, the Enforcer received mixed responses from the community. A player said, “Folks saying the Enforcer here I just don’t get it. It’s a solid gun if you use it as intended. If you’re trying to use it like a Striker then you’re doing it wrong.”

To contradict, another player added how the “Enforcer AR is a lot less useful at its intended purpose when it’s projectile instead of hit scan” and they would rather “just use a sniper for that range and do way more damage in a single shot.”