Kick sign Tfue to bring former Twitch star out of retirement

tfue returns to streaming on TwitchTfue

Former Twitch star Tfue has come out of his brief retirement to stream on Kick.

Tfue was one of the biggest creators on Twitch before he retired in June of 2023. He made his retirement public by posting a video to YouTube after two months of absence. 

Tfue’s content primarily focuses around Fortnite as it gained popularity in 2017. He played professionally for several years and signed under FaZe Clan for a short amount of time. 

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After posting his video to YouTube, Tfue went dark on social media. This was due to his desire to “go live my life” as he explained in his retirement video. 

Tfue leaves Twitch behind for Kick

In an announcement on November 19, Tfue posted yet another video. This time to Twitter/X, which was been his first post on the platform in almost five months.

In the video, Tfue returns to his initial setup, now sporting a Kick hat to mark his return to streaming. But this time on a new platform.

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“What up, f***ers? I’m back,” said Tfue to conclude his video.

The video exploded on social media shortly after it was posted. In just a half hour the video had gained over 200,000 views on Twitter/X and close to 1,000 comments.

“Huge W,” said fellow streamer SypherPK. “Gotta see you on the OG map before it’s gone.”

Tfue’s return was called a ‘W’ by the majority of the comments. Other Fortnite streamers like TimTheTatman, Symfuhny and Clix all came to congratulate Tfue on his return to content creation.

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