Fortnite players demand change after snipers “ruined” season

Shane Black
Fortnite character aiming a sniper rifle

Fortnite players are taking to social media to celebrate the end of Season 5 as they feel the power of sniper rifles ruined the experience.

Fortnite is nearing the end of its most recent season, and with that, the community is expecting a variety of balance changes.

With these changes, the player base is hopeful that there will be some significant tweaks brought to snipers.

This current season saw snipers become a dominant weapon and many Fortnite players believe they are far too powerful to be sustainable.

Fortnite players want sniper changes after Season 5

The conversation is happening on the Fortnite subreddit, where a player made a post titled: “I can’t wait for this season to end.”

They share a clip of their game, where they seem to get the drop on an enemy and even get quite a few hits on them, but their opponent quickly brings out a sniper rifle and one-shots them.

They go on to say, “I hate the fact that I could be a winning a gun fight and someone pulls out a blue sniper and I’m instantly dead.”

Many users in the comments agree with the poster, feeling that snipers have made Fortnite almost unplayable.

Writes one user, “Completely ruined the season for me. Almost every game you get 1 tapped after pumping them full of lead. It’s an intended cheat code. I feel that everyone in the matches I play are carrying snipers trying to relive their days in mw2 and it takes all the variety and fun I enjoyed out of the game.”

Another player carries this point further, explaining: “It’s hard not to carry a sniper when the endgame is 99% sniper duels and if you don’t have one it’s hard to get a win.”

However, not every fan feels that Fortnite is being plagued with snipers and even points to the original poster’s clip as evidence:

“Rushing someone with high ground and standing still is not on the season bro. I usually hate comments about skill issue and getting gud and whatnot, but I don’t know what you expect here.”

Others feel that a sniper rifle should be powerful and that all it takes is for the devs to add something like a glare to the weapon to help counteract them.

As Fortnite continues to evolve and change, there will be plenty of players both complaining about and celebrating the decisions. That’s just the nature of the genre.

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