Fortnite leak claims more Suicide Squad skins in the works

Bloodsport in Fortnite with Suicide Squad logoEpic Games/DC Comics

A fresh Fortnite leak has suggested that more Suicide Squad skins could be coming to the battle royale, and they’re not quite who you might expect.

For years, Epic Games has blazed a trail with Fortnite and its crossovers – linking up with everybody from DC to Marvel, Netflix, the NFL, and a number of football clubs across the globe.

Most recently, they’ve once again teamed up with DC Comics to celebrate the launch of The Suicide Squad with Idris Elba’s character, Bloodsport, appearing in Fortnite as a skin.

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The crossover isn’t just limited to the one skin, however. There are a handful of other cosmetics in-game too, and there could be a few more skins on offer as well, but it’s bad news for Peacemaker fans.

Fortnite Batman comicsEpic Games / DC Comics
Fortnite has had plenty of DC crossovers already.

Following the recent v17.40 patch, which brought the Among Us-like ‘Imposter Mode’ to the battle royale, data miners managed to their hands on plenty of unreleased skins and cosmetics.

Amongst all the confirmed skins, leaker ShiinaBR was quick to point out that there are possibly two more Suicide Squad skins coming to Fortnite – King Shark and Weasel.

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“If Epic is still working on the Suicide Squad skins, these will be the characters we most likely get: SeesawSea = King Shark. SeesawFuzzy = Weasel,” the leaker tweeted. Though there are no images of the skins themselves and it’s only photos of the characters from the movie itself.

With both skins having a codename, it seems likely that they’ll actually release instead of being teased for some time and then never seeing the light of day.

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As for when they’ll be available, well, who knows. There have been rumors of other crossovers coming later this season – including a Naruto skin – so these could be on the backburner for now.

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