Fortnite Will Smith skin leaked and coming soon

Nick Farrell. Last updated: Aug 17, 2021
will smith fortntie
Sony Pictures/Epic Games

Fortnite is known for their collaborations within their skins, and it appears another partnership is in the works and it involves the Fresh Prince of Bel Air himself: Will Smith! 

While Fortnite Season 7 has been one of the best in quite some time, and it’s been tying over players of the game for the Summer months. There’s been one aspect within the game that Epic has propelled in recent months.

This is the sheer amount of skins they’ve been adding into their Icon Series and other collaborations such as Marvel.

Now, new Fortnite leaks have surfaced that signify a new skin coming to the Icon Series, and it’ll commemorate a classic movie and one of the most legendary actors Hollywood has seen.

Epic Games
Epic recently partnered with new release, Free Guy.

Fortnite Will Smith skin leaked

Leaks are nothing new to Fortnite, and there’s been some interesting ones over recent weeks, but now, HYPEX has posted a new image noting the design of an upcoming Will Smith skin.

Smith joins other actors such as Ryan Reynolds, who just received a skin for the premier of Free Guy. While this leaked Will Smith skin has caught our eyes, as it doesn’t appear to be related to his new film, King Richard.

Instead, it appears to be a similar outfit to the one he wore during the 1995 classic, Bad Boys, in which Smith wears the same black shirt, along with the weapon as backbling, all but fits the bill perfectly.

When does the Will Smith skin release in Fortnite?

As of now, there’s no telling when Epic is going to add the leaked Will Smith skin into the Fortnite Item Shop. However, with the leaks rendering the full design of the skin this usually means it’s not too far away from releasing.

So, keep your eyes peeled on the official Fortnite channels in the coming weeks for the full announcement of this skin!