Fortnite update 17.40 patch notes: Imposter Mode, Wild Weeks return, bug fixes

Fortnite 17.40 update patch notesEpic Games

Fortnite update 17.40 is almost here, and it’s set to bring a number of exciting features to the Island including a new ‘Impostors’ mode, the arrival of Wonder Woman, and more. Here, we have the patch notes.

Season 7 of Fortnite has been absolutely jam-packed with content. So far, we’ve had Mothership abduction mini-games, the incredible Rift Tour complete with an Ariana Grande concert, and just recently, the long-awaited arrival of Superman.

But that doesn’t mean Epic Games are slowing down. In fact, according to leakers, v17.40 actually has more files/builds than v17.30 – which was the update that included The Rift Tour – so there should be some huge things on the way.

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Here’s everything we know about v17.40 so far, including downtime details and the new features you’ll be able to enjoy when it goes live.

Fortnite 17.40 update

Fortnite update 17.40 downtime details

Downtime for Fortnite v17.40 is set to begin on Tuesday, August 17, at around 1AM PDT / 4AM EDT / 9AM BST.

Based on previous updates this season, downtime could last anywhere between 30 minutes up to two hours, depending on how much content is included in the update.


Fortnite update 17.40 patch notes

Impostors Mode

A brand new story-related mode called Impostors Mode has arrived in Fortnite, and it seems to be heavily inspired by Among Us.

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In this LTM, players must keep The Bridge safe by completing their Assignments and identifying the Impostors. Alternatively, play as Impostors and attempt to take down The Bridge from the inside.

Team up with four to 10 other players to complete the challenge, but if the Impostors eliminate enough Agents before The Bridge is secured, then the Impostors will win.

Fortnite Imposter Mode

Wild Weeks are returning

Starting from Thursday, August 19, Wild Weeks will be returning to Fortnite, complete with XP quests!

The first week is called Sneak Week, and Epic+ Pistol, Epic+ Assault Rifle, and all Bolt-Action Sniper Rifles will be replaced with their stealthy variants: Suppressed Pistols, Suppressed Assault Rifles, and Suppressed Sniper Rifles.

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At the same time, Prop-ifiers will spawn more often across the Island, and more Vendors will be supplying Prop disguises. Get ready for some sneaky battles.

Fortnite Wild Weeks

Coral Castle will be abducted

It’s been teased for a while now that Coral Castle will be abducted, and it looks like it’s finally about to happen, as a new map shown in a recent FNCS stream showed the Fortnite POI looking very different…

If this follows in the footsteps of the recent abduction of Slurpy Swamp, players can expect to see the main building at the center of Coral Castle abducted, as well as some of the smaller buildings that surround it.

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Wonder Woman finally arrives

Epic have announced that a Wonder Woman skin will be arriving in Fortnite on August 19, meaning the DC Comics trinity of Superman, Batman, and the Amazonian Warrior herself will finally be complete.

There will also be a Wonder Woman Cup taking place on August 18, where players will get the chance to earn the skin and back bling early – more information on that here.

Fortnite Wonder Woman

Fortnite 17.40 bug fixes

As well as the new features listed above, Epic Games will also be shipping a number of Fortnite bug fixes with v17.40 that should help improve the overall gameplay experience.

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Battle Royale Issues

  • Unable to proceed in Free Guy Quest chain.
  • Prop Disguise services temporarily disabled.
  • Cannot open Cosmic Chest if a player left the team.
  • Preferred Item Slots: Chug Cannon moving to incorrect slots.

Creative Issues

  • Barrier Device Issues Summary.
  • Latency issues on XL Islands.
  • Creative Island images may reset to the original thumbnail image.
  • Match Making Portal Slow to Update.

Save The World Issues

  • Wrong Event Ticket displayed on the Beyond Stellar Horizons quest.
  • Certain items do not count towards players “Search Anything” objective during re-supply mission.

That’s everything we know about Fortnite v17.40 so far. We’ll keep this article updated as new details are announced by Epic, so make sure you check back soon!