Fortnite Season OG players say classic weapon is underrated and being ignored

Rishabh Sabarwal
Fortnite Infantry Rifle playerEpic Games

Fortnite players feel that a certain classic weapon in Season OG loot pool is highly underrated and being ignored by many. While there’s a plethora of weapons to choose from in the current season, here’s the one they are currently referring to.

Fortnite Season OG has caused quite a stir online, thanks to the update that brought the game back to life and put it back in the spotlight for both players and streamers. From Season 5, the Chapter 1 island is once again available with the seasonal update, which also unvaulted a number of weapons in the loot pool, including the legendary Rocket Launcher and the OG Pump Shotgun.

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Despite the recent addition of several weapons, players felt let down by the removal of their beloved Chapter 1 designs and the meta that added so much enjoyment to the game in the past. Regardless, that didn’t stop Fortnite users from having fun, as the game reached its highest player count to this day since the stats were made public.

With the arrival of the recent weekly patch, players finally got their hands on the weapons and items they’d been eagerly anticipating. One weapon that stands out among the rest is the Infantry Rifle, which players believe is being overlooked in favor of more well-known weapons like the Pump Shotgun.

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Fortnite players say Infantry Rifle is an underrated weapon in Season OG

A Reddit user named HeyGoogleOff posted an image of the Infantry Rifle that was unvaulted with the final Season 9 and X hotfix in Season OG. The user pointed out how the rifle uses medium bullets and has a tighter crosshair, making it the most underrated gun in the game.

Shortly after, several users chimed in with comments of their own. One such player said, “It really is the only gun I’m sorta happy with when the clip runs out because their reload animation is so satisfying.” Another added, “Yup I’ll use this over an AR or Sniper Rifle.”

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A third person wrote, “I landed a head shot kill with it and felt disgusting. It’s basically what I always wanted the DMR to be.” A fourth player commented, “Fortnite got a little too OG with this item.”

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