Ali-A explains why the Star Wars Fortnite event was the biggest disappointment

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Ali-A Fortnite Star Wars

YouTuber and Fortnite superfan Alastair ‘Ali-A’ Aiken has broken down all of the Fortnite live events, and one of them was deemed to be worse than the rest.

Each season of Fortnite brings with it a host of exciting updates like map changes and new weapons, but some of the most anticipated moments are the live events that often take place to mark the end of a season.

So far, we’ve seen everything from in-game Travis Scott and Marshmello concerts to Marvel supervillain Galactus attempting to destroy The Island.

While most of the live events have gone down well with fans, some of them have received a slightly more frosty response. That’s why YouTuber Ali-A has taken it upon himself to rank them all from ‘Godly’ to ‘Not Great’.

Galactus flying towards the screen in Fortnite
Galactus has been getting closer and closer to the Fortnite map all season – and a battle is on the way.

Ali-A ranks all Fortnite live events

Of all 12 events on the list, Ali-A revealed that his least favorite one was Chapter 2 Season 1’s Star Wars crossover event. He said it felt like promo for a new film, and went on to explain why the lack of a standout moment was “disappointing” for players.

“I think Chapter 2 Season 1 was one of the slowest Fortnite seasons ever, it was the community getting used to the new map, learning the new weapons and mechanics, but we basically got no updates and the live event for that season was also pretty disappointing,” he said.

“It was basically a giant collaboration between Star Wars and Fortnite with a lot of chanting on stage and a small preview of a new film. It wasn’t that good.”

Fortnite Star Wars event
Star Wars characters appeared in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 1.

Although he enjoyed the “absolutely epic” lightsaber weapons that appeared as part of the big Star Wars crossover, Ali-A expressed his hope that Fortnite won’t have a live event similar to this one again.

“I don’t think we ever need to see a live event on that scale, that everyone participates in and all the modes shut down, just to basically have a promo put in our faces,” he said.

When it came to the best events, though, Ali-A selected Chapter 1 Season 8’s volcano explosion; Chapter 1 Season 9’s epic battle between the Mecha and the Monster; Chapter 2 Season 2’s Travis Scott concert; and Chapter 2 Season 3’s The Device as ‘Godly’ tier.

“Looking at this list, all of the live events have had something great about them, and most of them have been utterly incredible,” he concluded. “If the events keep ramping up in scale, it’s only going to get bigger and better.”

Ali-A previously shared his expectations for Season 6 of Fortnite, suggesting that the mysterious object Kevin the Cube could be returning alongside a ‘darkness’ theme sweeping The Island.

If you’re curious when Season 5’s big event will take place, or when the upcoming Season 6 will begin, we’ve got all the information you need about Fortnite’s future right here.

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