Apex Legends players disappointed as Season 21 breaks five year tradition

Shane Black
Apex Legends Artifact image

The newest season for Apex Legends released without a launch trailer, which has led to disappointment among the fans.

In the past, each season of the game came with an animated trailer that shows off what is happening in terms of the lore, as well giving insight into who the new character is that is joining the games.

These trailers help explain the changes to maps, gameplay, and continue giving more glimpses into the story that is playing out beyond just the Apex Games themselves.

an image of Alter in Apex Legends Season 21 patch notes

However, this new season curiously launched without such a video, and it’s leaving the playerbase feeling a little underwhelmed by the release.

On the Apex Legends subreddit, one fan posts that this decision has “ruined the lore impact” of the new season.

They explain how the massive story beats of this season deserved to be expanded upon through a trailer of some kind. Instead, what should be a big event feels like the devs doing the “bare minimum.”

This big event is the arrival of another dimension crashing into that of Apex Legends, bringing with it the character of Alter. This is a big deal and has some massive implications for the future of the game, but Apex players feel like there just isn’t much of a story being told.

“Apex’s launch trailers are sometimes truly awesome, so missing one is pretty lame. They could have hyped up Alter something crooked,” one commented.

It’s a weird decision, and one that no one has any idea as to why it was made in the first place. The devs have not commented as to why they elected not to release a trailer for this season.

However, Respawn has finally released the short video, titled Altered Horizons. The 4-minute story shows Horizon attempting to return to the past, only for Alter to appear and attack her.

Things take an interesting turn when Alter tells Horizon that Newton needs her, Newton being the name of her son and creator of Pathfinder.

It’s a brief glimpse into Alter’s place in the game’s lore and provides plenty of questions that the community can look forward to being answered during the season and beyond.