Fortnite players divided after Star Wars event excels in LEGO mode but flops in Battle Royale

Josh Taylor
Fortnite Star Wars Chapter 5 key art

Several Fortnite players have called out Epic Games for a lackluster Star Wars Day 2024 event, especially regarding the main Battle Royale mode. However, many in the community have also praised this year’s May 4th celebrations for LEGO Fortnite, which has caused a rift in the player base.

Fortnite first collaborated with Star Wars back in December 2019, with the Live at Risky event in Chapter 2 Season 1. Since then, the annual collabs and Star Wars Day events have become some of the most beloved in Fortnite.

Those disappointed with the event, have echoed the views of one player: “It doesn’t even feel like Star Wars. One Lightsaber, a couple Trooper NPCs, Vader & Chewbacca. I get assets went to LEGO and the music mode but still. Last year was better with skins and content.”

Fortnite Chewbacca skin cover art
Chewbacca and his Mythic Wookie Bowcaster weapon have joined Fortnite.

Despite players being “grateful we got a Chewie skin!”, this was the only standout positive for BR players. Instead, there has been a consensus that LEGO Fortnite has been prioritized in the update, which has left it “spread out real thin since they had to spread it to the 4 game modes.”

On top of the Yoda Back Bling being “disabled the whole time” due to a bug, the main issues were the claimed lackluster features in BR. 2023’s event centered around Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, and Darth Maul as NPCs on the Island that taught you how to use three newly introduced Force abilities.

Meanwhile, 2024 added the Darth Vader NPC, who drops his Lightsaber after defeating him, along with Chewbacca who gives you his Wookie Bowcaster for helping him eliminate Stormtroopers. “Was hoping for more than one full boss to be honest” one said, as another added: “Same, wish Palpatine accompanied Vader on the island.”

Rebel Mon Calamari Chef Ackzat in LEGO Fortnite
You can get a range of LEGO Lightsabers in LEGO Fortnite as part of the Star Wars 2024 event.

However, a vast amount still praised the Star Wars collab, which can be summed up by the response: “For BR? Sure. But for LEGO it’s fantastic, and that was clearly the focus this time.” This even led to an influx of BR players admitting they were impressed, “It got me actually playing a lot of the LEGO mode.”

LEGO Fortnite’s Star Wars collab has been praised for its multiple LEGO Lightsabers, Blasters and Bowcasters, iconic Star Wars buildings, heaps of cosmetics, and of course plenty of LEGO Star Wars skins.

Meanwhile, amid all the discussions, others were just convinced that players in the community would never be happy with the event, as one player said: “Already know we’ll see the same post next year.”